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Worlds 2021 Power Rankings

Worlds 2021 Power Rankings

Worlds 2021 is about to begin and as the teams are preparing, fans will be wanting to know which team is best coming into the event? Luckily for them, the TGH crew came together and had many discussions and debates about who would be the top teams at Worlds 2021. Now, here are their Worlds 2021 Power Rankings for all 22 teams.

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22. RED Canids

In a region that is certainly growing, the young RED Canids look to make a new for themselves after an impressive run to Worlds 2021. They will be leaning hard on jungler Aegis and ADC TitaN as they try to push their way through Play-Ins. Their chances are not high but even just being at Worlds will give a great group of young talent some experience with hopes of making more waves in the future.

21. Infinity

This is not the first time Infinity have made their way to Worlds, they did so in 2018. Now back with a new roster the LLA representative will be looking to show how much their region has grown. With a strong regular season and barely beating out Estral Esports, Infinity felt adversity before heading to Worlds. They will have to lean on the experience of SolidSnake, who is the only player still on the team from that 2018 squad if they hope to find success at Worlds.

20. Galatasaray Esports

This is likely the lowest in a Worlds 2021 Power Rankings a team from the TCL has been in quite a while. That said, they were able to role through the summer and make their way to Worlds going 6-1 in their two playoff series. For Galatasaray Esports, it wont be an easy road but as always they have good talent to try and lean on. Bolulu is a name to watch as they try and play spoiler at the least.


While note the most threatening team, PEACE is an OCE team full of experienced players. They have Babip coming back over after a split with TSM Academy as well as Tally who had been with GGA in the LCS. Now they both want to use that experience along with being in this position at Worlds 2020 to help them make a push. Oh and who can forget? Experienced LEC Top Laner, Vizicsacsi will be filling in as well. If nothing else, PEACE should be exciting.

18. Unicorns of Love

Every single year, fans hope that Unicorns of Love are going to make noise internationally. Sadly, most of the time they are a letdown. But after a small change in the bot lane by adding Argonavt, this team seems to have a bit more pep in its step. As always look for Namanz to make some surprising picks and for AHaHaCiK to try and get his team ahead. Could this finally be the year for one of the most beloved minor region teams of all time?

17. Beyond Gaming

The second see coming from the PCS are certainly a team worth keeping an eye on. They took PSG Talon to five games and are a strong contender to make it out of Play-Ins. Doggo is the name most people will remember but HuSha and Maoan may be ones that stick after this year. This honestly might be a bit low in the Worlds 2021 Power Rankings for this team but until they are seen in action, they will not be given the benefit of the doubt.

16. DetonatioN FocusMe

Aria. Oh wait, more has to be said here? Well DFM may be or are almost assuredly the best Japanese team to ever attend Worlds. While Evi and Yutpon are definitely players worth watching as they can light it up, Aria is the key to everything for DFM. If Aria is able to do his thing then DFM may make it to group stages for the first time ever. Seriously, Aria is that good.

15. Cloud9

Cloud9 had quite the year. At first everyone is worried about Fudge and expecting Perkz to carry hard. Then it was Fudge who helped C9 win the Spring Split and showed up big time at MSI. Summer came and was not kind but they were able to take down TSM in a best of five to make it to Worlds. Truthfully of every LCS team at Worlds, C9 have the highest ceiling. That said, they also have the lowest floor. This team is expected to make it to Groups but beyond, no one really knows.

14. Team Liquid

It feels like a crime to put them this low in the Worlds 2021 Power Rankings but TL, like Cloud9, also had a very bumpy road to Worlds. While they did finish second in both Splits, neither were clean for a variety of different reasons. Now that things have settled down LCS fans can look at this team to be a dark horse contender. They have Alphari, Santorin, Jensen and CoreJJ, all of whom have a good amount of Worlds experience and just experience overall. Then Tactical is more of the wild card. If he can play well then this team could absolutely make a deep run at Worlds 2021.

13. Rogue

With all the moves and changes with the bigger names across the LEC, it’s easy to forget just how good Rogue have been this year. Larssen and Hans Sama have continued to be big players in Rogue’s recent success. The team finished the Summer split with a 14-4 record, all thanks to a MVP performance from Inspired. Rogue quietly exited the LEC playoffs after two disappointing losses and were prepared to make another run through the World’s Play-Ins. However after the VCS noted they wouldn’t be able to make it to the competition, Rogue was given the last spot in the Group Stage. Rogue failed to make any noise in their last World’s appearance, so the players are looking to flip the script in one of the most star-studded groups.

12. Hanwha Life Esports

It is honestly incredible how Chovy carried this team to Worlds. Going into the Summer, Hanwha Life were considered pretty much a dead-in-the-water team. Two incredible talents, Deft and Chovy, pulled down by bad coaching, management and inconsistent teammates. Despite this, Hanwha Life survived the Regional Qualifiers and made Worlds. The question with Hanwha Life is if the other three players, Morgan, Willer and Vsta will be able to survive the rise in the level of play at Worlds.

11. Fnatic

Talk about a Cinderella story. Fans were upset to see Rekkles leave to G2, and ultimately they were worried about how the team would fare with the roster changes. FNATIC struggled to break out of the middle of the pack in Spring, and eventually re-tooled their roster for the Summer portion of 2021. This revamp included a role swap for Bwipo and the addition of Adam in the Top Lane. While FNATIC didn’t blow viewers away in the group stage, it was their incredible run in the playoffs that got them into worlds. On their way through the lower bracket, they won three straight 5-game series against Misfits, Vitality and G2. With a strong lineup of veterans and the lone rookie, FNATIC are poised for a strong showing at World’s this year.

10. 100 Thieves

Of the three teams going to Worlds 2021 from the LCS, 100 Thieves are the most complete. From top to bottom they have experience and showed that once they have had time to figure out the meta, they can be dangerous. That said, this team may falter in a big to start. Week 1 LCS memes may come back but luckily, if there is a team to live up to the week 2 LCS memes, it is this team. Look for Closer, Abbedagge and FBI to have a major impact on their games.

9. GenG

After an embarrassing sweep from G2 at Worlds 2020, Gen G. are back and looking for vengeance. BDD and Ruler are still the heart of this team with Clid, Life and Rascal being the supporting roster. BDD had a great year showing why he is still one of the best Mid Laners in the LCK. Ruler had the second-best laning stats in the LCK while also having the best DPM of any bot laner. When these two are enabled by their Top, Jungle and Support Gen G looks like a scary team, but when they don’t, they fall apart super hard. Only time will tell what will happen, but Gen G will be feast or famine.

8. Royal Never Give Up

The MSI winners did not look like MSI winners during the summer to say the least. They were quickly dispatched during the playoffs but rebounded by sweeping Team WE during the qualifiers. RNG have a lot to do to prove to fans that they can be more like their MSI form than their summer form if they want a chance at getting the 2021 clean sweep. GALA will have to be better while Cryin will need to be more consistent. This team has a very high ceiling but their volatility could be what holds them back and it is for these reasons that they are this low in the Worlds 2021 Power Rankings.

7. LNG

Tarzan is a player that can be a one-man wrecking crew. Lucky for him he has an entire team of solid players around him. Light in particular is someone who can really takeover when given his opportunities. Ranking this team this high is absolutely a risk considering they still have to perform during Play-Ins to make it. That said, they should easily make their way through with this very talented roster and will make a big splash in knockouts.

6. T1

T1 are back at Worlds with a vengeance. After a rocky Spring Split, T1 were able to pull it together and make the LCK Summer finals. The biggest thing to watch for on this T1 team is their bot lane roster. As of now, T1 still hasn’t decided whether to start their young mechanical wizard Gumayusi or their veteran ADC Teddy. On the Top Side of the map, Canna and Onner are two of the best players at their role in the LCK while Faker is still Faker. Is it time for T1 to take back their crown?

5. PSG Talon

After impressing at Worlds last year with subs, PSG Talon had Doggo sub during MSI and still played well. With this team finally together at an international event, fans will really get to see what the PCS is made of. Maple, River and the crew are ready to impress and make a deep run at Worlds 2021. If anyone dares underestimate this team, they will be in for a rude awakening. PSG Talon are extremely fun to watch and a team this will make major regions question why they didn’t try and poach these players sooner.

4. MAD Lions

The reigning LEC champions are primed and ready to make a statement in Iceland. MAD cruised through the LEC playoff bracket after finishing in a tie for second in the overall standings with G2. MAD had a real shot to make it into the Grand Finals of MSI but just couldn’t close out against a very good Damwon KIA. Armut and Elyoya have had a massive impact for this team by immediately improving their weakest lanes. Carzzy and Kaiser are a bot lane duo that can truly compete against top competition. With Humanoid holding down in the mid lane, MAD are a strong contender to win it all.

3. EDward Gaming

Winning the LPL is no small feat. Yet, so many underestimate how good this team is and will likely be at Worlds 2021. They are filled with talent and have an incredible core between Jiejie, Scout and Viper. The true superstar here though is Viper, yes that viper formerly with Griffin. He can solo carry not just games but entire series, similarly to the LPL Summer Finals. Now they get their chance at international competition and it will be beyond disappointing and extraordinarily surprising to see them do anything but make a deep run.


DAMWON Kia have been and still are the best team in the LCK. Showmaker is still one of the best Mid Laners in the World, Khan has been showing that he isn’t a budget Nuguri, and Canyon is still the best Jungler in the LCK. The only iffy part of this roster in the Summer Split was their Bot Lane. While not performing poorly by any means, they did have some struggles, just like at MSI. If DK can clean up some of these Bot Laner errors, back-to-back Summoner’s Cups are certainly within reach.

1. FunPlus Phoenix

Sure, they did lose to EDG during the Summer Finals and yes they also lost to RNG at the Sping Finals but FPX are still absolutely incredible. Led again by Doinb, FPX are world-class and ready to prove it on the big stage. Every player on this team can be a win condition and that is enough of a reason to make them a difficult opponent to prepare for. Look for FunPlus Phoenix to give it their all to be the third team, technically the second, to win Worlds more than once.

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