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CDL Atlanta – The Chicago Huntsmen Week 3 Review

Michael Kanouse
CDL Atlanta The Atlanta home series was quite the upset for the Chicago Huntsmen. Going into the weekend Chicago was favored to go into the...
Esports Overwatch

Liam_OW: Contenders Trials, the World Cup, and Irish Overwatch

Matthew Kennedy
2019 marked a standout year for Overwatch in Ireland. Fielding a team for the Overwatch World Cup for the first time since 2016, they spearheaded...
Call of Duty Esports

Week 3 in Review: Atlanta Faze

Cailey Ives
Atlanta had a stand out week in front of their home crowd. They took down their two group play opponents with ease, barreled through semis...
Esports FlyQuest League of Legends

Flying Under the Radar: How PowerOfEvil is Making a Case for Spring Split MVP

Richard Imp
Entering Week 5, the LCS has been described as a “soup”, a “dumpster fire” and “a mess” by various pundits, commentators and Reddit commenters. Throughout...
Call of Duty Esports

Atlanta Faze Gunfight Invitational

Cailey Ives
Atlanta Faze Gunfight Invitational is coming to the Gateway Center Arena. The 2v2 gameplay kicks off Saturday, February 22, at 1:30 pm EST. The tournament...
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