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Cloud9 League of Legends

Cloud9 2022 LCS Roster Includes Fudge Roleswap According To Reports

Michael Termini
As broken by Travis Gafford, Cloud9 will have Summit replacing Fudge in Top Lane. Fudge will be role swapping to Mid. This new Cloud9 2022...
League of Legends

The Case for NA LCS Hopium at Worlds 2021

Michael Termini
Every year NA fans make the same claims. They say, “this is the year!” To be honest, who can blame them? The fun of sports...
100 Thieves Cloud9 League of Legends Team Liquid

Worlds 2021 Power Rankings

The Game Haus Staff
Worlds 2021 is about to begin and as the teams are preparing, fans will be wanting to know which team is best coming into the...
Cloud9 League of Legends

LCS Summer 2021 Record by Caster: Cloud9

Bryan Rockwood
The 2021 Summer Split has ended and the playoffs near. Teams have fought all season for their chance to not only win an LCS Championship,...
Cloud9 League of Legends

3 Keys for Cloud9 to Take Down Team Liquid in the First Round

Bryan Rockwood
As is tradition, Cloud9 and Team Liquid face off again in the LCS playoffs. This time around however the two familiar foes have taken a...
League of Legends Team Liquid

Team Liquid Holds a Losing Record to C9, Winning Record Over TSM Across 2021

Thomas Baker
Slightly past the Summer Season halfway point, the LCS continues through Week 5 this weekend. Team Liquid had a rough Day 1 and Day 2,...