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Picking up the Pieces: Post-Rift Rivals NA

Brandon Sturak
Last weekend, in an exciting day of games, the European representatives defeated those from North America in the Rift Rivals Finals. The European teams demonstrated
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FOCUS: Week Three: 100 Ssumday vs CG

Thomas Baker
The 2018 NA LCS Summer Split entered its third week, and teams have continued to innovate and experiment with champions and compositions. The patch 8.12
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NA v EU Rift Rivals Day Two Recap

Brandon Sturak
Rift Rivals Day Two brought an end to the group stage, and EU came out on top! The European teams now have the advantage for
Esports League of Legends

NA v EU Rift Rivals Day One Recap

Brandon Sturak
The best of the west fought for regional pride today in Rift Rivals Day One. The day started off in the most exciting way possible:
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NA v EU: Power Ranking for Rift Rivals 2018

Brandon Sturak
The fated battle is finally occurring to settle the score between North America and Europe. Rift Rivals for NA and EU starts this weekend, and




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