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Best Browsergames / Browser MMOs 2023: Best Free MMO Online Games

Browser MMOs 2023: Best Free MMO Online Games

Last Updated on 02/10/2023

Free to Play MMO Games You Need to Know

In this browser MMOs guide, we will take a look into some of the best MMO games that you can play for free. While there may be an option to purchase in-game items, this isn’t necessary to play the game.

Coming up, you will learn all about what defines an MMO game. We’ll uncover the characteristics of an MMO so that you know what to expect during your gameplay. There will also be an introduction to five of our most recommended MMO games. Let’s dive in and uncover the best MMOs of 2023.

Forge of Empires (4.9/5 ⭐️)
Forge of Empires (4.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Most popular browsergame
  • Playable without download
  • Great fun to play
Play now!
GoT - Winter is Coming Review
GoT - Winter is coming (4.6/5 ⭐️)
  • A highlight for GoT fans
  • Playable for free
  • Stunning gameplay
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Grepolis Review
Grepolis (4.4/5 ⭐️)
  • Great gods and heroes
  • Browser and mobile friendly
  • Challenging tasks & quests
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Mech Arena Review
Mech Arena (4.4/5 ⭐️)
  • Amazing MMO game
  • Variety of Play Modes
  • Great Community engagement
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Dark Orbit Reloaded
Dark Orbit Reloaded (4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Amazing MMO since 2006
  • Free registration and gameplay
  • PvP game features
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King of Avalon Review
King of Avalon (4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Engaging Medieval Theme
  • Strategic Gameplay
  • Alliances and PvP Battles
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OGame Review
OGame (4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Intergalactic battles since 2002
  • Alliances with other players
  • Free-to-play
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Evil Awakening 2 Review
Evil Awakening 2 (4.2/5 ⭐️)
  • Magical MMORPG adventure
  • Free to play in any browser
  • Action-packed storyline & events
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Viking War of Clans
Vikings: War of Clans (4.0/5 ⭐️)
  • Great Vikings multiplayer game
  • Engaging gameplay and features
  • Regular bonuses and rewards
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Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis (3.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Great heroes to level up
  • Idle and active gameplay
  • Features a PvP arena to challenge other players
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Dark Odyssey Review
Dark Odyssey (3.6/5 ⭐️)
  • Nice idle progresses
  • Variety in gameplay with puzzles
  • Free registration
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StormFall Sage of Survival Review
Stormfall Saga of Survival (3.6/5 ⭐️)
  • Great gameplay
  • Chat rooms for your Clan
  • Free to play game
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What are MMO games online?

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) makes up a large amount of popular games in this modern era. By the end of this section, you will learn all about what free online MMO games are and how they work.

As the name suggests, free MMO games are not designed to be played alone. While you can play them alone, it’s strongly encouraged to join other players and have some friendly competition. To aid this, there will often be a chat room where players can interact with each other from around the world.

Even if you’re new to the world of free MMOs for MAC, you would have heard about a lot of famous MMOs. Some of the most popular MMOs are World of Warcraft, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

Characteristics of MMOs

To be defined as an MMO, games must meet certain criteria:

🌍 Persistent world

Even in the newest free MMO games players can connect to a server to play and interact with other players in real time. Even if a player goes offline, the game will carry on indefinitely. As such, MMOs never actually end.

For example, if you’re playing Minecraft with other players but go offline the other player can continue building in that world. When you return, you will discover new developments.

💵 Virtual currency

Most MMO games will have its own in-game currency which can be used to purchase items. Players can also exchange and trade items with each other.

The best free MMO games - Our top free MMOs

Coming up, we will introduce you to some of the best free to play MMOs that you will discover in 2023. We will highlight the overall gameplay experience, so you know exactly what to expect. With the help of our no download browser games guide, you may just find your new favorite.

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires was launched in 2012 as a browser MMO, but it was later released in 2014 for mobile devices. As such, you can enjoy this free online MMO from all devices.

Forge of Empires is shot in the top-down perspective, which means you will view your character and the universe from above as if you’re in the sky. The aim of this online MMO title is for you to build and develop your own empire and change it through the ages.

You’ll begin in the Stone Age and you will transition your empire through the ages up until the modern day and beyond. Over time, you will develop brand-new technology and a new way of building.

To progress in the game, you will not only build-up your empire but you will discover new territories to take over. You will use either battle skills or negotiation skills to succeed in ruling more areas.

While Forge of Empires is a free to play browser MMO, there are also some features available to purchase. However, if you rather not do this, you can disable the purchases option if you wish.

Forge of Empires (4.9/5 ⭐️)
Forge of Empires (4.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Most popular browsergame
  • Playable without download
  • Great fun to play
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Elvenar was released in 2015 as a browser MMO, but it is now also available on mobile devices too. If you enjoy building and construction games, then look no further. In this free to play MMO, you will build and develop your own fantasy world.

Start by choosing your race between humans and elves and unlock a universe of magic that awaits. You will be constantly building and expanding your realm, so there’s always something new to discover. You will decide how your city will grow, using the resources that you find.

There is also a chance to trade with other players and aid each other in building civilizations. Whether you create a paradise or a metropolis, the choice is yours.

Elvenar Review
Elvenar (4.8/5 ⭐️)
  • Amazing Fantasy Game
  • Extensive tutorial for newbies
  • Free to play
Play now!

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

If you’re a fan of the television series Game of Thrones, then you will love this game. Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is one of the best free MMO games for fans of fantasy and strategy games. Released in 2019 as a browser game, it’s one of the best browser games out there for action and strategic thinking.

You will play the role of a Westeros Lord whose only aim is to save people from the war. You will fight to put an end to all disputes that are going on between the Seven Kingdoms. You will create your own base and expand your territory. To do this, you will also recruit characters from the television show into your army. The famous characters will become your commanders and you can use them for their unique skills in all the battles.

The MMO element comes into play during battles. In any battle, up to 10,000 players can join in at once and launch attacks in the world at the same time as they try to conquer the kingdoms.

GoT - Winter is Coming Review
GoT - Winter is coming (4.6/5 ⭐️)
  • A highlight for GoT fans
  • Playable for free
  • Stunning gameplay
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OGame was released in 2002 and is a classic browser MMO game. OGame paved the way and created the template for a lot of browser MMOs during that time.

The overall aim of OGame is to battle to dominate the universe in this exciting timeless space game. You will discover and conquer new planets and launch research into ground-breaking technology. The MMO theme comes into play when you form Alliances to aid your battles and enter epic space wars with thousands of other players.

OGame is divided over multiple servers, where you can explore the world around you. You will create an empire while competing for a high score which grows as you progress through the game. All battles are played in real time where all actions take a certain amount of time depending on your level.

OGame Review
OGame (4.3/5 ⭐️)
  • Intergalactic battles since 2002
  • Alliances with other players
  • Free-to-play
Play now!

Dragon Awaken

Dragon Awaken is one of the most popular free to play MMOs that is built around character growth and exploration. The game begins with you taking orders from your commander. Your commander sends you to attack a dragon lair but it goes wrong. It results in your possessing the power of the dragon which makes you a Dragon Knight.

With your new power, you go on a hunt to learn all about it and discover its meaning. In this fantasy world, you are a warrior who wants to banish evil from the world and the power of the dragons assists you.

During the gameplay, you must create your best strategy to develop your character. You will also enter lots of dungeons, defeat armies, and hunt down your targets.

Dragon Awaken Review
Dragon Awaken (3.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Stunning art style with vivid graphics
  • Player vs. Player matchups
  • Great gameplay
Play now!

Conclusion: Our final thoughts

As you can see, MMOs are a popular genre of online gaming that is only growing. Whether you’re into building and construction games, strategic games, or fantasy, there is an MMO game out there for everyone.


🤔 What are MMO games?

If you’re new to the world of online gaming, the terminology may be a little confusing at first. That’s why we have taken the time to teach you exactly what an MMO game is. Take a look at this guide to learn all about the characteristics of an MMO game.

🏅 What is the best MMO game?

The type of MMO game that you will prefer is unique to you, that’s why we cannot suggest what is the best game overall. MMO games come in all different shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone. Take a look at our reviews to find an MMO game that suits your gaming style.

❓ Can I play MMO games as a single-player?

As the name suggests, MMO games have been designed to be played by multiple players who interact with each other. However, that’s not to say that they cannot be played as a single-player. Check out our review for more information and clarification on this.

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Forge of Empires (4.9/5 ⭐️)
Forge of Empires (4.9/5 ⭐️)
  • Most popular browsergame
  • Playable without download
  • Great fun to play
Play now!
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