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100 Thieves Gear Up for Playoffs

100 Thieves Playoffs

100 Thieves’ LCS team heads into the home stretch of the Spring Split riding high. As over half the LCS remains in playoff contention, competition has never been closer.

For the first time in 2020, 100T was able to successfully pull off a 2-0 weekend. This adds to the list of the many things the Thieves have seen improvement on over recent weeks. With much-needed wins over Dignitas and Immortals, 100T find themselves only one game out of second place.

Both of these games were crucial as one pushed Dignitas down a much more difficult road to playoff contention. The other evened up the matchup score with Immortals, who are now tied with 100 Thieves at 7-7.

Ssumday’s Split

Ask any fan of the 100T organization, and they’ll say Kim “Ssumday ” Chan-ho is why 100 Thieves are in contention. Ask any fans of the general LCS and they’ll probably honor him even more credit, alongside putting down the rest of the team.

While League of Legends is a team game in every aspect, Ssumday has shown throughout the split just how big of an impact he can make.

100 Thieves Playoffs
Courtesy of 100 Thieves

Chan-ho’s two solo kills against Paul “sOAZ” Boyer this past weekend are a small sample of what he has done all split long. Dominate.

While it is an interesting dynamic to have a top laner who benefits the team as a carry more than a tank, it works for the Thieves.

Whether or not it will be able to keep up in the possible postseason is yet to be seen.

Looking Forward to 100 Thieves Playoffs

100 Thieves has one of if not the most difficult strength of schedule left. With only four games remaining, they play against arguably the three best teams in the league. This, of course, will be Team SoloMid, FlyQuest and Cloud9.

Their fourth match? The easiest by far, the “surging” Pobelter-led CLG. While not in the playoff picture, Eugene “Pobelter” Park has Counter Logic Gaming playing much better than earlier this season. Not one game is free for the Thieves’ taking.

Does 100 Thieves have what it takes to make it into the playoffs? Do they have the strength to compete in them? General Manager Chris “PapaSmithy” Smith said that Tommy “Ryoma” Le and 100T would grow during the spring.

This split was not the time to be competitive. While it’s clear to see 100 Thieves is not yet playing anywhere close to optimal, there have been big improvements.

With much room to grow, the current level of play they are showing still warrants a spot right outside of the Top 2, from a statistical standpoint albeit. Does this team, at its current skill level, have what it takes to win now and not crumble under the pressure?

The Thieves hold their destiny in their own hands. Now it’s time to see if they can pull off yet another heist.


Featured image courtesy of 100 Thieves.

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