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League of Legends

Dealing With Dardoch – His Complicated Career And His Continued Potential to Salvage It

Conor Atlas
A teacher of mine loved the story of ‘The Freedom Writers.’ A group of low-performing students were able to turn around their young lives thanks...
League of Legends

Why Your Favorite Team Won’t Win the LCS: A Summer Split Preview

Conor Atlas
New split, new reasons you tell yourself to get excited about North American League of Legends. After a disappointing showing at MSI from Cloud9, it feels...
League of Legends Team SoloMid

According to Jacob Wolf TSM are Signing PowerOfEvil

Robert Hanes
According to the sources of Jacob Wolf, TSM have found their replacement for Bjergsen by bringing in PowerOfEvil. The details of the deal are not...
Rainbow Six Seige

Power Ranking the top Nine Potential Rainbow Six: Siege World Cup Teams

Christian Wisniewski
Friday night Ubisoft announced their plans for a Rainbow Six: Siege World Cup in 2021. This is nothing new in esports. Overwatch and PUBG both...