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League of Legends: LCK Week 4’s OP 5

Rui Yang Xu
After a quick break for the Lunar New Year the players of LCK come back refreshed and ready for more action. With it comes another
Esports League of Legends

League of Legends: Week Four of LEC, Misfits are Falling Hard While G2 Reign Supreme

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
Week four of LEC is over and it left a bittersweet taste, with some teams exceeding many expectations while others fell hard below them. Fnatic
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Overwatch: Blizzard’s Support of Streamers

Ethan Cowan-Kazmi
Blizzard has trouble supporting the streamers of Overwatch: people that both play the game regularly and engage the viewers that are still watching casually. Blizzard
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