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Wild Rift

Wild Rift: Leona Build and Runes

Back in the spotlight and shining into the Wild Rift, Leona is coming and changing the landscape for supports. After ten years and eight months, having debuted July 13, 2011, Leona makes her debut on Wild Rift. This champ is all about stunning and bursting while taking the brunt of all the enemy attacks. Her kit comes equipped with not one, not two, but three stuns. Every support’s dream.



Sunlight is Leona’s passive ability. Every ability Leona lands marks an enemy champion that can be detonated by an ally. This passive deals magic damage in PC League of Legends and is most likely the same in Wild Rift. She increases her allies’ damage while stunning the enemy.
Ability 1 – Shield of Daybreak
Leona’s first ability is Shield of Daybreak. This quick auto-enhanced stun has a short cool down and keeps targets stunned for 1 second while dealing a small amount of magic damage. Being able to stun over and over again with this ability is crucial to team fighting and chasing down fast champions. Be sure to spam this mid-fight and stun the enemies to maximize damage.
Ability 2 – Solar Eclipse
The next solar eclipse is scheduled for April 8, 2024. However, avoid this wait by using Leona’s second ability, Eclipse. Eclipse grants Leona bonus armor and magic resistance while taking reduced damage overall. That is until Eclipse detonates, bursting a surprising amount of magic damage for a tank.
Ability 3 – Zenith Blade
The 3rd ability in Leona’s kit is Zenith Blade. Zenith Blade points Leona’s sword in one direction allowing her to dash to a nearby enemy while rooting them for .5 seconds. Be warned, while using Zenith Blade Leona can not make any other movement. Unfortunately, this means Leona stops moving when she launches it out. Landing this ability is vital to controlling the enemy’s movements.
Ultimate – Solar Flare
When all hope seems lost, Leona’s ultimate ability Solar Flare changes the tide of the battle. Just like the famous ability from Dragonball Z, Leona’s Solar Flare comes in clutch by slowing everyone hit by 80% for 1.5 seconds. But if the enemy champs are in the epicenter of the ultimate, they will instead be stunned. This AOE stun is the perfect engager and disengager for any well-balanced team composition.

Abilities Upgrade Priority: 3 > 1 > 2 > 2 > ult > 2 > 2 > 1 > ult > 1 > 1 > 3 > ult > 3 > 3



(Burst tankiness into burst damage)
Weakness(slowed champs take more damage)
Loyalty(gain bonus armor)
Pack Hunter(extra 50 gold for takedowns and assist)


Protector’s Vow
(shield with a buddy)
Zeke’s Convergence (armor + damage with a buddy)
Locket Enchant (shield everyone)
Sunfire Cape (burn damage + armor + HP)
Spirit Visage (healing up + magic resist)
Thornmail (armor up)



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