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100 Thieves League of Legends

Stunt Interview: “I think, honestly, maybe I have the most yolo mentality on the team”

Thomas Baker
Support Stunt chatted with TheGameHaus a bit about his friend-teammate relationship with Cody Sun, 100 Thieves’ Spring Split, and what to expect for the meta...
League of Legends Team Liquid

CoreJJ interview: “[Jatt] is trying to change to bring everyone together, so we play as one team.”

Thomas Baker
Heading into Summer Split, TGH connected with Team Liquid’s support, CoreJJ, and asked some questions. Here are his brief thoughts on the poor Spring Split,...
Immortals League of Legends

Immortals to Start sOAZ, Potluck, Eika, Altec, Gate in LCS Summer Split

Thomas Baker
Via Twitter, Immortals recently announced their starting roster for LCS Summer Split 2020: sOAZ, Potluck, Eika, Altec and Gate. This line-up includes three new players,...

May 2020 Overwatch Tier List: Competitive Season 22

Matthew Kennedy
[The June Tier List is Now Out] Competitive Season 21 has come to a close. And with it, the majority of the Overwatch playerbase waves...

April 2020 Overwatch Tier List: Competitive Season 21

Matthew Kennedy
April sees the middle and ending phase of Competitive Season 21, and a unified hero ban system between the Overwatch League and Competitive Play. Matching...
Gaming Overwatch

What Game Would Each Overwatch Hero Play In Quarantine? (Support)

Jordan Garcia
Tanks and Damage characters would not be as revered as they were without support from their healing backline. Through their HPS and utility abilities, support...

Leaked Images Suggest that Jetpack Cat Will Appear in Overwatch 2 PvE

Connor Knudsen
According to images allegedly leaked to @OverwatchNaeri via DM, it appears that internal playtests for Moira and Brigitte in Overwatch 2’s PvE will feature some...
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