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GoopyKnoopy’s Top 3 TFT Rise of the Elements Compositions After Day 1

tft rise of the elements

Alright, so let me start off by saying that TFT’s Rise of the Elements has been an absolute blast to jump into so far, feeling almost completely like a new game. As someone who doesn’t avidly play League of Legends, figuring out who is who on the Carousel and what each unit even does has been a bit overwhelming.

But, after toughing through those initial growing pains and the more than occasional Health Bar bug, I’ve finally started to find my groove on a few different compositions. Here are the three that I’ve had the most success with, even netting a couple of wins along the way.

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4-Ranger, 2 Warden, 2 Mountain

This composition could be run in a few different ways, but think of this as Rise of the Elements version of Knights and Rangers. Personally, I had success stacking items on Kindred and Ashe, although units like Ezreal and Varus could potentially be strong carry units as well. It’s simple: the Wardens and Mountains do their job in providing a buffer and soaking damage, while the backline Rangers shred the enemy frontline units.

Also, since getting to level 9 is slightly easier, this also allows for some late-game switches. In the game below, I ended up going for Assassins to put some pressure on the backline and Inferno for some extra damage. You could either bolster Rangers to six, get Wardens to four or even go for a Singed, there are plenty of different directions to go.

tft rise of the elements
Image Courtesy of @GoopyKnoopy

Full (6) Berserker

This composition runs, simply, around getting all six Berserkers going at once. These units are like Assassins, except that they maul the frontline of the enemy, rather than the backline. In addition, their trait bonus is the potential to deal a cone of damage behind the target, which increases with more Berserkers.

With all six, Olaf, Volibear and Dr. Mundo are the three that I have personally stacked items on and seen others do the same. These units, unless the enemy has a very stocky frontline, should be able to quickly make their way to backline Rangers, Summoners and Mages. Overall, this is a fairly common composition that can be effective for newer players who want something more simple, or people just trying to get their bearings on the new patch (like me).

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Full (6) Summoners with a Zed Carry

This, by far, is the most dominant composition that has arisen in TFT so far, and for a host of different reasons. First, and most prevalent, is the ability to absolutely break Zed, the 5-cost Electric Summoner Assassin. Zed’s ability allows him to create an identical clone of himself behind his current target, copying his items. This can lead to some absolutely cluttered boards, as can be seen in the image below.

zed tft
Image Courtesy of u/Elmuertos

Outside of the horrors of Zed, the other Summoners are also quite strong. Zyra, for a 1-cost unit, has the ability to have an almost equally devastating level of spam with her plants. Annie and Azir can also be strong on their own and Yorick’s ability to keep downed units still doing damage just makes for a cluster of different elements, all making Summoners one of the best classes in Rise of the Elements so far.

Overall, these are all comps that have come after day one, and will absolutely be subject to change as developers make adjustments to units that are substantially broken. Keep an eye on constant developer updates from @Mortdog and, as always, stay tuned for more news and updates here, at The Game Haus.

Also, because we notcied there isn’t one out there yet, here is a cheat sheet of the items in TFT’s Set 2, Rise of the Elements.

tft item cheat sheet



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