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TFT Devs Major Takeaways from Set 1: Guaranteed LP for a Top 4 Finish, Fewer Frustrating Units, and More

tft rise of the elements

Details were released over the course of the day yesterday concerning the coming changes to Set 2, Rise of the Elements, of TFT. Today, those are set to hit PBE servers, however, before they do the developers wanted to share what they learned from Set 1 and how that will affect their philosophy heading into Set 2. Here is a surmised report of what was shared in the Dev Corner post which can be seen here.

Major Things to Note

  • Less disabling and frustrating units (explains the removal of Phantom and Hextech, for example)
  • You will now always get LP for a 4th place finish
  • Random effects will stay, but will be more oriented towards “positive and controlled spaces”
  • Fewer patches overall, but each one will be larger (Current goal is 3-4 patches over the course of the entire set, each bringing meaningful change)
  • More attentive to community feedback on balance changes that are needed
  • B-patches will now be smaller, only focusing on nerfing strong outlying units, classes or items
  • More adjustments to player damage coming, although not yet in a place of certainty
  • More soft counters than complete hard counters
As a reminder, you can read more about each of these changes in the Dev Corner link up above. Also, be sure to jump on the PBE at some point today to put all of these changes to the test, when Patch 9.22 and Rise of the Elements becomes playable.


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