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Golden Guardians League of Legends

Golden Guardians Announce Their 2022 LCS Academy Roster

Golden Guardians Academy

Golden Guardians have announced their 2022 LCS Academy team roster including Tony Top, Iconic, Ry0ma, Violet and Chime. After a huge run at Proving Grounds getting 3rd place, Golden Guardians have changed every position. That being said, two of their former LCS players, Iconic and Chime, have been demoted to Academy. Another exciting part of the roster is former Dignitas and TSM Jungler Akaadian joining GGs as the head coach. This is his first time formally coaching, but apparently helped Dignitas Academy a lot during Proving Grounds. The roster announcement is linked below.

Future of Golden Guardians Academy:

On paper, this seems to be a pretty strong Academy team. Starting with the former LCS players, Iconic was certainly a bit of a bust. He didn’t perform to LCS standards, but it seems that the GGs staff still has some confidence in him getting rid of RoseThorn, a really solid Academy Jungler, for him. Chime also had a similar fate in the LCS, but showed a ton of potential. Keeping these two young players seems to be a great next step for GGs.

The new members include Tony Top, Ry0ma and Violet. Tony Top is the former Evil Geniuses Academy Top Laner who plays aggressive picks and to hard carry. He is similar to Biin in terms of playstyle. Golden Guardians are probably going to give him a lot of resources. Ry0ma is the former 100T Academy Mid Laner. He is a solid Mid Lane player who is able to dominate on control mages. If GGs want a solid stable Mid Laner, Ry0ma is a perfect fit. Finally, there is Violet. Violet went to Worlds this year on PEACE. While PEACE did get stomped most games, the GGs staff seems to think there is potential in Violet.

This roster has a ton of potential. If Akaadian is able to make it work, this could easily be an upper half Academy team.

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