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League of Legends: The Road To LCS Playoffs – 100 Thieves

St. Louis to Host the 2019 Spring Split Playoffs here in North America

With Week 7 and LCS Playoffs on the horizon, 100 Thieves are stuck at the bottom alongside Echo Fox and Clutch Gaming. Spring Split playoffs are right around the corner and at 4-8, 100 Thieves are expected to finish at the bottom of the barrel in North America. Much like Clutch and other teams, 100 thieves have shown glimpses of great play all split. In preparation for their upcoming matches, let’s take a look at the two biggest games they have left this split.

Team SoloMid

Currently in third place, TSM is one of the two biggest teams 100 Thieves still has to face this second round robin here in NA. While they haven’t shown the same strength as both C9 and TL, TSM look much stronger than other teams. With Huhi currently playing in the Academy scene for Week 7, it’s expected that Soligo will be replacing him. As volatile as it may be, breathing fresh life into the team may solve some of their issues. Unexpectedly, the academy jungler Fragas will not be replacing AnDa for Week 7.

It’s safe to assume that Soligo will be a decent upgrade in terms of communication due to being a native speaker and NA born. AnDa securing a tank for 100 Thieves such as Sejuani or Zac would be a great start. Alongside this, a strong top and mid pick to secure pressure would go a long way for the team.


As the second place team, Cloud9 is without a doubt the hardest match left for 100 Thieves this season. Impeccable Baron and objective control with some of the best solo lanes the LCS has to offer, they’re a force to be reckoned with. The change in pace with Soligo coming mid may be enough to create an advantage but we’ve yet to see him on the LCS stage. Another huge factor in this game would be the jungle difference. This season, AnDa has pulled off insane play after insane play. Despite this, he’s also playing at the bottom tier wise for junglers. Svenskeren on the other hand has had a great season so far with Nisqy as his new mid laner.

If 100 Thieves are looking for a win against Cloud9, there are a few things they should aim for. Though easier said than done, stalling Cloud9’s solo lanes would be a tremendous start for the team. Alongside that, dragon and baron vision control is necessary for a win. With how well Cloud9 has secured Barons this season, without vision control the game is over already. Other than that, 100 Thieves need to generate plays without falling apart as they have throughout the Spring Split.

The Road to Spring Playoffs

These two games will dictate how 100 Thieves can position themselves for LCS Playoffs. That being said, it all begins with their first game against TSM. Soligo can bring life to this struggling team that had high hopes for its star studded roster. While they aren’t entirely out, 100 Thieves will have to fight their way into the top 6 to secure a playoff birth.

Currently, the LCS Playoffs are looking relatively week with TL, TSM, and C9 being the only real competition at the top. Two wins this weekend would skyrocket the team in both their morale and in the standings. LCS Playoffs are terribly close for 100 Thieves and the teams around them. To break away from the pack, they’ll have to turn it on from here on out. Their star-studded cast has to play the way analysts and fans expected from the very start.


Feature Image courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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