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Hearthstone: Why is Twinspell So Strong?


Twinspell is one of the standout mechanics of Rise of Shadows. Twinspell cards have double the value that they first appear to. In return, they are typically lower in tempo than you might expect. Despite this, Twinspell cards form the core of several top-tier decks. Conjurer’s Calling defines Khadgar Mage, Both of Druid’s Twinspells are a core component of Token Druid and Unleash the Beast is good in all kinds of Hunters. So why is Twinspell so strong? What makes the mechanic so usable?


Twinspell’s flexibility gives you many different options

A key part of Twinspell’s power is its flexibility and versatility. Since the second part of the spell is playable immediately or later, you can decide whether to space out your threats or commit to one overwhelming push. In many cases, it also allows for increased flexibility of targets.

Take Conjurer’s Calling. This powerful card spawned an entire Mage archetype. Typically, it’s used to turn a Mountain Giant into multiple huge threats. But depending on your opponent, you can either go all-in or create waves of boards. Not only that, but you can use one copy for board presence and another to break through taunts or a huge Edwin VanCleef.

Similarly, Blessing of the Ancients can marginally buff a board to force out a board clear, or to find that final burst of damage to finish off an opponent.

Hand Size

Twinspell sees a surprising amount of synergy with Hand-size related cards. Decks that utilise Twinspell often run Mountain Giant, Twilight Drake or Wispering Woods. Twinspell is perfect for developing while keeping a high hand size, since the second copy replaces the original.

This is great for Mages that want to play Astromancer after Conjurer’s Calling a Mountain Giant, or for Druids that want to Wispering Woods after buffing their boards with Blessing of the Ancient. Though it doesn’t generate card advantage, it still allows for these potent mana reductions and increases in minion power.

Doubling Synergy

With Malygos, this is 12 damage for 2 mana

By splitting Twinspell’s effects, synergistic effects double. Each end of the spell can individually benefit from the synergy. This massively increases the total value available. Just take a look at the interaction between Unleash the Beast and Zul’jin. Not only do you get two 5/5 Wyverns twice, you also get an additional copy of the created version of Unleash the Beast in Hand. This gives you a grand total of 5 5/5 Beasts with Rush. Not bad for a single card.

In addition, Spellpower scales well with Twinspell. Rapid Fire may seem like a worse Arcane Shot, but with a Malygos on the board it can represent ludicrous amounts of damage. Finally, all Twinspell cards generate additional copies through the use of cards like Archmage Vargoth, generating even more potential value.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via and PlayHearthstone on Twitch.

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