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Overwatch League Recap: New York Excelsior vs. Toronto Defiant


The NYXL faced off against the Toronto Defiant in an intense 4 map match up. The Excelsior, determined to maintain their win streak, dominated against the Defiant and were able to secure their fifth win of the season.


On MEKA Base, the NYXL ran a Sombra and a Widowmaker, which contrasted against the 3-3 composition

Overwatch League
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that the team had been determined to make work in recent games. The team was able to secure a strong hold on the point and essentially spawn camp the Defiant, who was full held.

However, on Sanctuary, the Defiant shot back and were able to secure the point and full hold the Excelsior. It was looking like the NYXL was having a lot of difficulty running a 3-3 composition, until the team finally got themselves back together on Downtown, where they held for most of the match and took the map in overtime.



On defense, the NYXL were almost able to full hold the Defiant with Seonghuyn “Jjonak” Bang securing first picks on the enemy team. However, the Defiant got the first point in overtime and had 3:30 left to push the

2018-03-25 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

payload across the map. The team was able to secure the second point pretty easily, but once the cart turned the corner on its way to the third point, the NYXL were able to retake control. The Defiant, in an effort to gain some distance on the payload, overextended and pushed the NYXL almost back into their spawn. Yeon-Gwan “Nenne” Jeong landed a massive Graviton Surge and the Excelsior secured two team kills, preventing Toronto from taking the final point.

On attack, New York steamrolled through the map taking point A in one team fight, and managing to take all three points in a dominant display.



The New York Excelsior were, once again, almost able to full hold the Defiant. The team was able to separate the tanks from their supports team fight after team fight, displaying that the Excelsior is really getting a good handle on the 3-3 composition. They played smart and strong, and pushed the Defiant into overtime before having to pull back to point B. The Excelsior held off the Defiant on point B.

On attack, the NYXL steamrolled through the map again, taking both points with little trouble and securing the series.



2018-04-12 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Subbing in fan favorite Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park, NYXL fans were excited to see the Excelsior potentially experiment with Saebeyolbe’s star-level Tracer abilities. However, the team continued to run the same 3-3 composition. The Defiant were able to roll through all three points without much trouble. However, on attack, the NYXL were unable to even reach the first point and were full held.


As predicted, the NYXL seems to be gaining confidence with every match up. The once-faltering Excelsior is learning and adapting with every series, and their dominant performance is only growing cleaner and more well-oiled as the stage moves forward. With their current momentum, the NYXL are in a great place to secure a clean undefeated 10-0 first stage.

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