Here are the Odds of Your Team Winning Season 1 of the Overwatch League

Season 1 of the Overwatch League is nearly over. Only Stage 4 remains as teams battle it out to make the playoffs. As of now, the only team to have officially made it into the playoffs are the New York Excelsior. Their dominance has been well documented, as they have been to every stage final and won the last two.

Who can make the playoffs?

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Unlike the Stage playoffs, the Season playoffs will have six teams battling it out for the Season 1 title. As of now, the only team to clinch a spot is the aforementioned New York Excelsior. There are also three teams that have been eliminated. These teams include the Dallas Fuel, Florida Mayhem and the winless Shanghai Dragons. That leaves eight teams to battle it out for the five remaining playoff spots.

Stage 4 will feature many important match-ups as many of the teams will be playing for their season playoff lives.

You can keep up to date on Stage 4 as it starts next week on Twitch and the Overwatch League’s official website.


“Never tell me the odds”

You may be wondering to yourself: “what are the odds of my team winning it all?” Look no further, there are a bunch of trustworthy betting sites on that will provide you with the most up-to-date odds. Overwatch League is still a fairly new esports league, compared to others like Dota 2 and League of Legends so not all sportsbooks will have Overwatch League odds. Take your time to look over each site as they each have their own advantages. In this case, try to pick one that offers a sign-up bonus because if you’re planning on betting on a team that’s not the New York Excelsior and your team doesn’t win, at least you get some sort of compensation.

Here are the most recent odds:

Courtesy of:

New York Excelsior (2/3)

London Spitfire (9/1)
Boston Uprising (9/1)
Seoul Dynasty (9/1)
Los Angeles Valiant (19/1)
Los Angeles Gladiators (50/1)
Philadelphia Fusion (100/1)
San Francisco Shock (100/1)
Houston Outlaws (100/1)
The most interesting odds are three of the last four teams. To start, the Gladiators having a better chance than two teams that have been ahead of them in the standings all year is surprising, to say the least. That also brings into question why the Outlaws and Fusions chances are so low.
Is it because of their below average performances in Stage 3? Or is it that all the teams above them are simply getting that much better? Either way, those might be odds worth betting on.
Another team of note is the Seoul Dynasty, as they have been slowly falling down the standings after having a very average Stage 3 with a 5-5 record.

Take ’em or Leave ’em

Leave ‘Em:

The Spitfire and the Dynasty.

Neither team has looked exceedingly strong as of late. This is due to teams finding their groove after a rough start, as teams have added talent either through pickups or players coming of age. Additionally, some of the talent that has been picked up has been at the expense of both of these teams.

Take ‘Em:

The Uprising and the Fusion.

Boston was the best team for most of Stage 3 and should be able to make the changes necessary to put up a fight against the Excelsior. As for the Fusion, they had a down Stage but have been consistent for most of the season. Look for them to make some adjustments as they push for the playoffs and could surprise a couple teams.


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Will the NYXL Complete the Three-Peat?

Stage 3 of the Overwatch League just finished this past week and the New York Excelsior took home a Stage Championship for the second time now. More impressively, the stage titles were back to back. And even though the Boston Uprising went an undefeated 10-0 in the Stage 3 regular season, the New York Excelsior got the best of them in the Stage 3 Finals. The NYXL have cemented that they are the best team in the Overwatch League. With only Stage 4 left and then the Playoffs, only one question remains: Will the New York Excelsior achieve the three-peat and win a third straight stage title?

Clear Favorites

As much as some teams are improving, no one can find a way stop the colossal NYXL. Even though Boston played well in the Stage 3 regular season, the NYXL took care of business and cleanly swept them in the Stage 3 Finals. The reasons are clear why the NYXL are the favorites to not only win the Stage 4 Championship title, but also the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. The NYXL have proven that they have talent, dedication, and team coordination to outplay any opponent that stands in their way.

The New York Excelsior’s track record since the start of the Overwatch League is astounding. In thirty regular season games – from Stage 1 until Stage 3 – the NYXL are 27-3 with a +68 map differential. Only three losses and huge map lead!

While all teams in the Overwatch League are highly skilled and consist of the best Overwatch players in the world, the NYXL prove to be a cut above the rest. Perhaps their most defining characteristic is the consistency of their domination over other teams. The NYXL have reigned victorious so often that the closest team in the overall standings, the Boston Uprising, are still five games behind. With only ten games left until the Playoffs, unless a drastic slip-up occurs, the NYXL will hold the top spot in the standings by the end of Stage 4.

Overwatch League Standings

Overwatch League Standings by the end of Stage 3

In addition to their amazing regular season play, the NYXL know how to adapt during high pressure series. Their ability to counter opponents is a big reason why they are successful during the Stage Playoffs. The NYXL have made it to all the Stage Finals so far. They have won Stage 2 and Stage 3, only losing their series in Stage 1 to a reverse sweep by the London Spitfire. Because of their continual dominance, one can expect the NYXL to make the Stage Finals again with little trouble.

The only question is – will they win it again?

Stage 4 Finals Prediction

With the final stage beginning this week, every map and win matters. Teams will be playing hard every game to secure their spot for the playoffs. Since the NYXL want to be sure that they are the number one seed, we can expect them to stay in form throughout Stage 4, eventually making it to the Stage 4 Finals as well. With Ji-Hyeok “Birdring” Kim back in the mix for the London Spitfire and the recent, streaky performance by the Boston Uprising, one of those two teams will likely play against the NYXL in the finals. However, the New York Excelsior are still the favorites and will take the series in the Stage 4 Finals 3-1.

Will anyone be able to slow the New York Excelsior or will they complete the three-peat? To find out, tune into Stage 4 of the Overwatch League.


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The Overwatch League goes big as the Barclays Center will host their Finals

To many the Overwatch League has been very successful in its first season. Teams have been fairly even, viewership is trending upwards, and overall production has been very good. With stage 3 ending and only stage 4 remaining Blizzard has announced that they will be hosting their season one final at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

To say this is much bigger than what Overwatch League fans are used to would be an understatement. The Blizzard Arena holds around 450 people while the Barclays Center holds 19,000. With a bigger venue it will be interesting to see how many tickets go on sale and how quickly it will sellout, if it does.

This announcement comes on the heels of Riot announcing that their North American LCS Finals would be held in Oakland California at Oracle Arena. What this showcases is that, at least for now, many major esports will continue to use NBA arenas for their major events.

It is possible that this is due to the fact that so many groups and individuals from the NBA are involved with esports or that their venues are currently about the perfect size for a major esports event. Oracle Arena hold 20,000, TD Garden (NALCS Fall 2017 Finals) holds, 19,580, and Staples Center holds 21,000. All of these venues have been used for esports events before and hold about the same amount of people.

What this shows is that this is most likely the crowd size expected for major esports events these days. It will be interesting to see how this shifts in the future.

Stage 4 of the OWL starts next week as teams battle for the final season 1 playoff spots.

Tickets for the Grand Finals will go on sale May 18th. The event will be on July 27th and 28th.


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“From Our Haus to Yours”

New York wins their second straight Stage

The Excelsior Shine

After going 9-1 for the second straight stage, the Excelsior walked their way to another stage win beating the Uprising 3-1-0.

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Boston came in without losing a single match in Stage 3 and they quickly handled the Gladiators earlier in the day. With that kind of momentum many thought that the Uprising would win or at least make this a tough series, they would be wrong. While Boston wasn’t bad they struggled in many areas during this series. They attempted a comeback after tying at Volskya and were close on Numbani but, they couldn’t finish off either map

Striker was easily their MVP of the series as he did just about everything in his power to try and keep Boston in this series. Mistakes had flashes but was clearly outmatched against the Excelsior’s DPS. The player who probably had the toughest match was Kellex as he struggled to get ult charge due to constantly being picked off.

As for New York, they proved that they are absolutely the team to beat for the season one finals, and there is still one whole stage left.

The DPS trio of Pine, Saebyeolbe, and Libero took over the series very early on. Saebyeolbe looked unstoppable throughout and made the case for why he is one of the top DPS in the league. JJonak was his usual self as he hit headshot after headshot keeping the Uprising on their heels.

New York has been one of the top teams since the beginning of the season. They were beat by London in the Stage 1 finals but now have back-to-back Stage final wins to go along with the best overall record in the league.

It will be interesting to see if they lose anyone or make any changes over the stage break. We saw London lose talented players in Rascal and Fissure as they wanted to play more. If the Excelsior lose any of their DPS or supports then their depth could be hurt.

The rest of the league have one stage to figure out New York or they will continue to dominate their way to a season 1 championship.


Overwatch League Hero Spotlight: Genji

So you want to play as a ninja? And you want to play as a robot? In one of the most satisfyingly competitive games out there? Genji, the cyberninja, might be the Overwatch hero for you. Genji’s variety-filled kit makes him one of the strongest and most mobile Damage per Second (DPS) heroes in Overwatch. Pair his numerous abilities with coordinated team members, and he becomes one of the deadliest Heroes in the game. After much practice with Genji, many professional Overwatch players can use his abilities to the fullest, creating a huge impact in team fights. Genji, while perhaps one of the hardest heroes to master in the game, is also one of the most rewarding.

Genji’s Kit

Genji has many tools to make him a deadly assassin. First, Genji’s passive ability, Cyber-Agility, lets him climb walls and double jump. This helps close the gap between him and his enemies, allowing him to sneak into certain areas, or escape from enemies. When it comes to dealing damage, Genji’s basic attack throws three shruriken projectiles, dealing a considerable amount of damage if they all hit the enemy. These three shurikens can either be thrown in a straight line or a fan, depending on how big the target is. The key is to land as many shurikens as possible.


Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment/Overwatch

Genji also has two other abilities that can be extremely useful. Deflect is an ability that allows players to reflect any incoming enemy projectile damage for a short period of time. This is an effective tool for reducing incoming damage when enemies are trying to focus on Genji. Deflect can also be used to reflect damage back onto enemies – if enough damage is reflected at a single time, it can kill the enemy.

Genji’s other ability, Swift Strike, is perhaps his greatest tool, as activating this ability causes Genji to dash through enemies, dealing damage to them. If he helps eliminate an enemy with this ability, Swift Strike is reset. This ability is crucial when an entire enemy team is low. Genji can repeatedly dash and reset until everyone is eliminated. Both Deflect and Swift Strike are very strong skills; however, they do have rather long cooldown times, so use them sparingly.

Finally, when Genji earns his Ultimate, Dragonblade, all breaks loose. Genji can swing his Dragonblade to deal massive damage to enemies. Usually, two hits from this Ultimate will finish off enemies. Dragonblade can eliminate enemy heroes, especially Supports, very quickly. The clip below is of San Francisco Shock’s Min-ho “Architect” Park. In this clip, Architect makes a huge impact with Genji’s Dragonblade.

Altogther, Genji’s very powerful kit gives the character a lot of potential in competitive play.


Why is Genji a Well-Versed Hero in OWL?

Genji is one of the more prevalent Heroes in Overwatch because of his ability to dive, deal damage, and finish off enemies. In the Overwatch League, when more than two people die on a team, the opposing team can easily clean up and win the rest of the fight. Genji makes performing this task much easier. Additionally, professional players know the limits of Genji and can use him to his fullest potential. With the proper team coordination, Genji can be very impactful. The clip below once again features San Francisco Shock’s Min-ho “Architect” Park, who easily cleans up a fight.


Looking Ahead

Genji can have a measurable impact when played at his potential. To get there, however, one must first master his array of abilities. Genji’s abilities can be used in a variety of different styles. Some styles may prioritize making him survive in team fights, while others may prioritize more aggressive play by quickly eliminating enemies. Discovering when and when not to use abilities is key for being successful with Genji. Professional players such as George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha, Hye-sung “Libero” Kim, Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim, Brady “Agilities” Girardi, and Min-ho “Architect” Park have shown their proficiency with Genji, exemplifying just how much this hero can do. To see more thrilling Genji Dragonblades, as well as the best teams and players go head-to-head, tune into the Overwatch League.


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Videos Clips: Overwatch League

Reality setting in for the win-less Shanghai Dragons

The most impressive feat of the season is not going to be New York Excelsior only dropping a few maps or the Boston Uprising winning the most games in a row. No, the most impressive thing to come out of the inaugural season of Overwatch League would be the Shanghai Dragons miraculously failing at winning a game, and ending with a  0-40 record.

With one week to go in stage three, the reality of their situation is starting to reach a boiling point. Sitting on a 28 game losing streak. A streak so long that it will pass the biggest all-time losing streak in professional sports history with another loss. 12 more losses and the unthinkable will become reality.

Dragons signing autographs. Photo via Shanghai Dragons twitter

Fortunately, stage three has been an improvement on their past two stages. The new additions are starting to find their footing, and that shows with this team winning seven of their 15 total map wins in stage three. Looking back a week ago, the Dragons took the Philadelphia Fusion to the edge before losing on Oasis in game five. It’s not a total lost cause for Shanghai.

Unfortunately, stage three ends for the Dragons against the best team in the league and the London Spitfire currently sitting as the three seed. The likeliness of them going into stage four with a win is low. The fate of their winless season will depend on either the week one matchup with the Dallas Fuel or the week four match with the Florida Mayhem.

Outside of the Dragons beating one of the bottom four teams, the Dragons have been to game five twice against the Fusion and have played close games with the Seoul Dynasty. Of the 14 shutouts against the Dragons, only two have come on stage three. After a staggering seven matches that ended in a sweep in stage two, the Dragons have shown some promise with the new roster.

The Barrier of Entry into the Overwatch League

One of the hardest parts of adding all the new players is getting the right communication. The Shanghai Dragons employed a team of all Chinese players, who speak primarily mandarin, before signing all the Korean-born players at the opening of the stage two transfer period. The Language barrier being an issue is a theme throughout the league, but it’s none more prevalent than on the Shanghai Dragons.  

Coordinating dives is hard enough without a language barrier, adding that into the mix makes it nearly impossible. And unlike the other teams, this team didn’t have an entire preseason or offseason. This is all having to be handled mid-season. Each one of the new additions not only had to adjust to living in the United States, learn their new teammate’s playstyle and tendencies, but also had to do this while working through a translator. It’s not the only reason this team is falling, but it’s safe to say they have an excuse.

Fearless. Photo via Shanghai Dragons Twitter

Additionally, the level of competition the Chinese players faced before OWL was nowhere near the level of these other players. This team came in with a hindrance and after 13 weeks of play, nothing this team has done has resulted in a win. The roster changes have helped, but we’re still seeing this team lacking in the same areas.

The progress is slowly starting to show. Chon “Ado” Gi-hyeon is working more efficiently with Weida “Diya” Luas both of their playstyles mesh well together on DPS. Dae-min “Daemin” Kiim seems to be a nice find, but it will be a few weeks before he reaches his normal playing level. The signings have not only brought in new players, but are actively helping the original roster improve. Peixuan “FreeFeel” Xu looks like an entirely different player in stage three, playing behind Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok and Geguri.

The outlook for the Shanghai Dragons

On top of adding talented players, adding a name like Se-yeon “Geguri” Kim, the first woman to be signed in the league, has provided the Dragons with a cult-like fan-following. Most fans of the OWL love an underdog story, and there’s nothing more underdog than a team looking to avoid a winless season. It’s brought in a boisterous crowd of fans to the Blizzard Arena, and each week the yells and screams grow louder.

Muma and Geguri forever. Photo via

Looking ahead, this team isn’t far off from a win, and it isn’t necessarily going to be a non-playoff team that finally breaks the streak. Teams with aggressive tanks seem to be their best bet because their DPS hero pool tends to lean more towards anti-dive, using Diya on McCree or another his-scan. Based off their two matchups with the Fusion, seeing Ado outplay the Fusion’s EQO on Genji, showed the potential.

However, the Shanghai Dragons ending this season with a winning record seems unlikely. Even against the bottom teams, only a few of those matches produced any map wins. So far, the Dragons only have three map wins off the bottom four teams. The league isn’t too far ahead, but this team needs more time before they’re truly ready for the task. Regardless, the entire OWL viewer base will be behind this team cheering them on. A raucous pro-Dragons crowd could make a huge difference in the end.

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Feature photo via Overwatch League Twitter


Boston remain unbeaten in week 2

Just days before the week started, The Boston Uprising were hit with the news about Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez. The organisation investigated the allegations and quickly released the player from their roster. With minimal scrim time and a huge hero pool to cover, Stanislav Mistakes Danilov was the player to step in.

From an outside perspective it would require a herculean effort from Boston to even come within touching distance of their regional rivals. Somehow the team pulled it off, maintaining their 100% win record on Volskaya Industries. Boston went on to lose the next two maps and pulled out an impressive third point hold on Junkertown to tie the series up. 

The final map was Oasis and Mistakes on Sombra was the key difference maker. After winning the first point Boston were in prime position to win the map and the series. As Boston’s control meter rises, Mistakes runs up and baits JJonak’s Transcendence before he even has EMP. Leaving him to freely EMP the New York side a few seconds later and close out the map. 

Mistakes train pulling in

The first two matches on Saturday went to five maps and Boston Uprising vs Florida Mayhem was no different. 

Once again Boston won the control map. They full held on Temple of Anubis, thanks to patience, communication and a three rapid kills from mistakes’ Widowmaker. On their attack Boston took the single tick needed to win the map, but not easily. They finished with less than 30 seconds remaining.

The team now have a record of seven wins to zero losses on both Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries. The next map was Blizzard World. Florida Mayhem took point A quickly; however, Boston recovered time on Point B and Florida fought it out to take point B in Overtime and eventually get stopped on the final corner.

The Uprising then need to attack Blizzard World and get it past point B, which isn’t easy for any team. Initially Boston were held at point A for just under three minutes before Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon came up big, managing to continually hassle and stay alive to take the point. The boys in blue then continued through point B with very little slowing of the payload thanks to an EMP into a D.Va bomb from Mistakes and Lucas “NotE” Meissner.  Boston continue with three minutes remaining and push the cart to victory. 

Trouble after halftime

Florida were not ready to give up after the break. They were surprisingly dominant on Nepal, Boston took the point first and held it up to 68% Florida gained control and looked strong with some flashy plays as well, however Boston manage to take control once again with Florida on 95% and five team members alive. However it wasn’t to be for Boston as Florida flip in overtime and win the first point. 

On the second point, Boston once again gain control first, this time gaining one more control percent before Florida can flip. However this time Florida hold it in convincing fashion all the way to 100% to win the map.

The Boston Uprising again had the opportunity to win the series. This time on Junkertown, a map that they had won against NYXL, however they were unable to stop Florida despite NotE’s best efforts, again he caught three in his self destruct. On the third point, Mayhem pushed the payload quickly, eventually being stopped for a few seconds. That brief pause was enough for Boston to set up their defences and eventually hold Florida just shy of point three.

On Boston’s attack they were slow to start, losing players early in fights took a lot of time away. Eventually the team were able to break through thanks to another big bomb from NotE. Their attack through point 2 is somewhat slowed but still end up in the final point with just under three minutes to finish the map. In the final minute Boston come within four meters of victory with a back cap from mistakes. However the team fight was already lost and Florida swooped in and scared him off the point. In the final fight Florida got early kills and staggered Boston. After a long overtime of Boston throwing themselves on the point one by one, Florida took the map and force the series into a tiebreaker.


Kings of the Tiebreaker 

Going in to the tiebreaker, Boston had the statistical edge, Boston had played a total of nine tie breaker maps and had won seven of them, compared to Florida who had played four and won two. Inevitably Boston won Oasis 2-0 with standout performances from Striker and Mistakes. Although notably still no Pharah which may be a concern when one is needed. The match was incredibly close and both teams looked strong, a testament to the parity between (almost) all the teams in the league now.

Looking forward

Boston Uprisings’ next two matches will be against London and Seoul in that order. Both of these matches are definitely winnable. With Boston recently having beaten NYXL, two slumping Korean teams should not be daunting. London are really struggling and have only recently brought in more coaching staff to help. With the way Boston are playing and the map selection for the matches it will likely be a victory for Boston.

Seoul have a better record on tiebreaker maps and have the Shanghai Dragons to face this week. They may have more time to focus on the Boston match. That said, the team seems unsure what supports to play and are really struggling in stage 3. Boston may well finish week three being unbeaten.



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Overwatch League Team’s Approach to Blizzard World

Blizzard World is the newest map to be inserted into the Overwatch League map pool, and the hybrid map early on has facilitated strong defensive play and made it tough on attacking teams. Seven games have been played on Blizzard World and only three teams have reached the third point. Each team has similar strategies with slight differences, here’s how each team plays this map.

The first Point

The first point on Blizzard World is a long run for the attacking team, with many open sightlines and back alleys to avoid them. The majority of teams in the Overwatch League started off positioning themselves on the backside of the dock building, towards the mini health pack. Similarly to Hanamura, Kings Row, and Eichenwalde, teams will play near the back of each point.

One reason is to go anti-dive and make getting onto the backline a journey just to get into a position to dive that far. Secondly, it makes the attacking team come to them and stay organized. An attacking team lacking cohesion on the first point of Blizzard World will come to a swift and brutal end. Lastly, it makes healing easier, especially on this map where there are more doors and buildings to enter than just about any map.

Pro Play

As for how pro teams play this first point, it depends on the team, we will use a couple of teams as examples. On attack, the strongest strategy so far has been the triple-tank composition that pushes up through the right or left buildings and slow pushes aggressively onto the point. The Seoul Dynasty are the only team to run this, but unlike other strategies that rely on a Sombra hack or Widowmaker pick, the tank composition has more room for error.

Dock building where most teams set up for on defense for the first point. Photo via Overwatch Wiki

Moving closer to the standard, the three characters that often get picked on this long stretch of a first point is the best mobility characters (Sombra and Tracer) and the character that covers the most ground (Widowmaker). The San Francisco Shock ran Sombra throughout the entire map but were hard countered in some instances by the Dynasty’s tank lineup.

As for the most forward-thinking setup, that belongs to the Dynasty on defense as well. It was the same tank composition but switching Jin-hyuk “Miro” Gong from Winston to Orissa and shielding the small pathway on the attacking right side. On the attacking left side, Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim on Sombra hacked the big health pack and with Jin-mo “Tobi” Yang on Tracer forcing the attacking team to the attacking right side, right into Seong-beom “Munchkin” Byun waiting behind the Orissa shield with Roadhog’s hook.

The most efficient team throughout week two on the first point was, you guessed it, the New York Excelsior. Facing the London Spitfire, who sat behind the dock building, Jun-hwa “Janus” Song forced them off with direct dives, leaving Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim free shots on retreating support players. Widowmaker is not a must-pick on Blizzard World, but the tight shots with heavy cover make it hard to pass up.

Second Point

Pylon Terrace second point

The second point on Blizzard World was the doom bringer for offenses in week one. It’s a long point, with many doors to escape and a giant wall that helps defenses set up on the high ground with cover. The Pylon Terrace section is a great section for defenses and five of eight teams were stranded in this middle section.

Why is it so difficult? First off, it gives the close quarter heroes a serious advantage. The D.Va players last week tore up the second point. Matt “Coolmatt” Lorio used D.Va’s vertical maneuverability to control the against the dive and counter-dive while still maintaining the high ground advantage. That’s not to mention the success D.Va’s have found with angled self-destructs in week one. Coolmatt had couple play of the game plays, but he wasn’t the only one, Tae-hong “Meko” Kim and Gael “Poko” Gouzerch also landed major self-destruct multi-kills.

Additionally, Tracer and Junkrat can play a significant role in this section. Heroes like Tracer and Sombra work well because it’s easy to get to the backline considering all the passageways. Junkrat is great because all those passageways allow for Junkrat to send easy body shots onto anyone he catches. Jun-young “Profit” Park played this role as it should be played, but Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park did a great job trying to counter the Pylon Terrace setup.

Third Point

Five out of fourteen rounds ended in three points. It’s incredibly difficult to push into that final point and takes a well-concentrated ultimate fight win to take the point entirely. Heavy tanks have been one of the best strategies because they have the necessary help to power through. However, Junkrat’s proven to be a nuisance for attacking teams, as there are many paths for a rogue junktire to connect.

Diablo section of the third point. Photo via Overwatch Wiki

In essence, it’s about outlasting opponents and getting strong ultimates to end fights. It’s arguably the most difficult point to take in the map pool, but that will change over time. With only five rounds finishing on the last point, there’s not enough data to get a clear understanding of what teams are looking to run at this point.  From the few games last week, it took a skill shot and recognizing a retreating defense from  Kim “Zunba” Joon-hyuk to finally take the point with a triple-kill self-destruct. 

It’s safe to assume more strategies will be introduced this week. It’s nice to see the compositional picks are spread out amongst a large number of heroes. Sombra has been shown to work on both offenses and defenses. Same goes for Widowmaker and the tank-compositions. Those three have taken the spotlight, but expect more drastic changes to be implemented this week.

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Boston Uprising sign AimGod

Boston Uprising have announced the signing of a new support player, Min-Seok “AimGod” Kwon. The announcement came rather unexpectedly to fans as the organisation seemed comfortable in the roster at the time the signing window closed. AimGod will be the 5th support player on the roster.

A short history of AimGod

AimGod previously played on Meta Bellum the Korean Contenders team who are currently performing well in group A. They are likely to move on to the next stage.

Before this he played on Ardeont under the name “JEFF“. Ardeont were known for winning Overwatch Pacific Championship season 2.

Entering the competition as newcomers Ardeont went on an astounding run. Winning 3-0 in every match in the double round robin. They beat the formidable reigning champions of OPC, Flash Wolves 3-0 in the final, continuing their unbeaten map streak.

Ardeont now have several alumni in the Overwatch League. AimGod (as JEFF) was brought in to Ardeont to replace Jeong-hwan “DayFly” Park now of the Philadelphia Fusion and his former Support partner on Ardeont was Tae-sung “ANAMO” Jung now on NYXL.

Management in agreement

AimGod is an incredibly talented Zenyatta main and being active in contenders will really help him transition into OWL. Chris “HuK” Loranger, President of Gaming for The Kraft Group had this to say about the signing.

“With the trade window closing, we wanted to add an extra layer of depth and security to our roster going into the last legs of the season. ‘AimGod’ has shown the qualities we are looking for in a player both in and out of game, and someone we will work with to help grow and improve while here at Boston Uprising. I am excited to see his play live and eager to integrate him as soon as possible to our team in California.”   



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DreamKazper released from OWL amidst allegations from another minor

Boston Uprising have terminated the contract of Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez after a brief investigation. The release was due to DreamKazper allegedly being inappropriately involved with a 14 year old Overwatch League fan. Soon after The Uprising put out this statement, a second person came out with allegations of DreamKazper having inappropriate sexual correspondence with them.

Second allegation against Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez

The second person to come out with an allegation is 16. They created another twitter account so as to remain anonymous and posted screenshots from the account. Amongst the screenshots was one where DreamKazper “allegedly” tells them that he is only 2 years older inferring that he is 18 when in fact he is nearly 21.

The $500 DreamKazper is referring to in the screenshot is the cost of a plane ticket which he allegedly bought the person so that they could come and visit him in LA. The person provided a screenshot of the plane ticket.

So far DreamKazper has made no statement on the matter. Seeing as this is most likely now a legal matter it is highly unlikely he will.

There has been no response from Overwatch League since they announced he was indefinitely suspended.


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