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Atlanta Reign Overwatch

Long May They Reign: Atlanta Week 4 Preview

Bradley Long
First impressions mean a lot. In social settings, a good introduction can grease the wheels for a lasting relationship. In the Overwatch League, early success...
Hangzhou Spark Overwatch

How Each Spark Player’s Main Will Be Affected By Hero Pools

Jordan Garcia
Three weeks into the 2020 season of the Overwatch League and it seems like a meta has already been established. Teams have seemed to have...
Overwatch Toronto Defiant

Toronto Defiant Week 4 Preview

Mallory McMahon
This past weekend, the Toronto Defiant were handed their first loss of the regular season. However, in a game that was expected to go in...
London Spitfire Overwatch Washington Justice

CSI: Overwatch: What Went Wrong for Washington on Dorado?

Bradley Long
After chaos rocked the Overwatch League’s Saturday matches, Sunday was supposed to be a return to sanity. Three predictable games were on the docket, and...
Overwatch Washington Justice

The Woes and the Winners of the D.C Homestead

Violet McHale
Another week, another action-packed weekend of Overwatch. This weekend brought seven Overwatch League teams to the Nation’s capital, for the Washington Justice’s first homestead weekend....
Overwatch Philadelphia Fusion

The Fusion Release New Video Series “Philly Unlocked”

Rocco Romeo
On Tuesday, February 25th, the Philadelphia Fusion released episode one of a new video series titled Philly Unlocked. This new video series provides fans with...

The OWL Will Announce Weekly Hero Bans on Watchpoint: Who is Most Likely to be Banned First?

Connor Knudsen
It has been officially confirmed for a while now that hero pools will be making their way to both Overwatch and the OWL. However, we...

A Guide to Countering the 3 Most Annoying Heroes in Overwatch

Connor Knudsen
Overwatch ranked can be, for a plethora of reasons, headache-inducing. One of these reasons is centered around a few heroes that are particularly annoying to...

When do Hero Pools go Live in Overwatch?

Connor Knudsen
Overwatch has been undergoing some serious changes in the past few weeks from patch notes to the announcement of hero pools. These hero pools mean,...

Overwatch Hero 32 Could be Announced Very Soon

Connor Knudsen
Hero 32 in Overwatch is one that fans have awaited for now almost seven months. But, closing out this month, there is a small glimmer...
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