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Overwatch League’s 2020 Pre-Season Superlatives – Player Edition

Bryan Rockwood
As the year comes to a close, so does the end of the Overwatch League pre-season. In a sea of power rankings and predictions, there...

Which Players Can Take Up the Mantle of Fan Engagement?

London Bishop
With the retirement of Pine, Jake, and Custa all within a week of each other, the Overwatch League is now short three major player personalities....

The Ryujehong Effect: Emotions and Overwatch

Alex Arnold
Jehong “ryujehong” Ryu in tears is an image that will resonate with Overwatch League fans throughout the offseason. This was the start of a heated...
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Overwatch League: Teams that Could Benefit from a DPS Meta

Mallory McMahon
In a world where GOATs reigns supreme, so many people are begging for the release of damage characters, and the players that excel with them....