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Wild Rift Urf Announced: New Game Mode in Patch 2.6

In the most recent Developer talk with Alan Moore, Riot announced Urf for Wild Rift. Also known as Ultra Rapid Fire, the new game mode is immensely popular in League PC thanks to its insanely chaotic gameplay. The Wild Rift community has been asking for new game modes for the longest time. Thankfully, Urf’s announcement highlights the game’s progress. Wild Rift developers work arduously to satiate its player base.

The reveal occurred with the Urf theme song playing in the background. Director Alan Moore followed up by appearing in full costume. 

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Wild Rift Urf

Wild Rift’s Best Announcement to Date


Ultra Rapid Fire Overview

Undoubtedly, Wild Rift Urf will not be the most balanced in regards to gameplay. There will be some absurd 100 to 0 burst shots. Therefore, expect to get one shot every so often. And also expect to see some unkillable monsters, alongside champions that frankly lose all viability.

But it should still be insanely fun.

Providing every champion the maximum cooldown reduction alongside an infinite mana pool, Urf allows players to fight nonstop. The pacing of the game vastly accelerates thanks to the addition of cannons, which shoot players to any designated location on the map. Therefore, cannons eliminate commute time while increasing the frequency of action.

Whatever the case, Urf brings about a much needed change in pacing for Wild Rift. The new game mode brings a more casual centered playstyle to a game that’s been primarily competitive focused for the past couple months.

In Conclusion

Wild Rift Urf’s release date hasn’t been officially announced quite yet. But seeing as how Wild Rift developers want to end the year with a bang, the game mode will likely debut within the month of December. Patch 2.6 Preview already raised the roof in regards to the game’s future. There’s a lot to look forward to, and it’s truly never been as great a time to be a Wild Rift player than now.

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