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What is the Wild Rift Morgana Release Date

Wild Rift Kayle Release Date

The Wild Rift Patch 2.6 preview confirmed the additions of Morgana and Kayle. With their majestic wings and champion designs, they are sure to be excellent characters that help diversify the gameplay of Wild Rift. After a solid month of no champion releases, this then begs the question of when the Wild Rift Morgana release date will be. The speculated release date is around December 3.

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The most recent patch stated that the updates were on pause until the conclusion of the Horizon Cup. Seeing as how the finals wrapped up, a huge update is creeping closer. The recent in-game events concluded, leaving players with the default interface. Wild Rift Patch 2.6 brings in the end of 2021, serving as the last update for the year.

With a few days downtime with no events, the new update will likely bring brand big new balances to the game. Typically, updates occur on Wednesday or Tuesdays, with champion releases occurring a couple days thereafter. So an update in the next couple days is likely. Hopefully, this will include Kayle and Morgana. The speculated future patch update is on December 1. This places the Wild Rift Morgana release date around December 3.

In Conclusion

Patch 2.6 evolves Wild Rift, drastically changing the meta alongside improving quality of life. With the inclusion of Wild Rift Morgana and Kayle, surely to join the game in December, there’s a lot to look forward to. But whether they’ll arrive early on in the month or in the middle, the community is general uncertain. Treat the release dates as speculative hypothesis based on preexisting data trends.

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