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Wild Rift

Wild Rift Morgana Guide: Day One

Wild Rift Morgana Build

Morgana recently released on Wild Rift. The champion plays best as a support or mid lane castor. Prioritizing ability power items while positioning prudently to hit the game changing snares, Wild Rift Morgana excels at bringing together team compositions. To help plays learn and master the pick, here is a Wild Rift Morgana build with an in depth analysis.

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Best Item Builds

Item Build

For item builds, always build Rod of Ages first, regardless of whether Morgana is going mid or support. The item provides fantastic base stats, allowing Morgana to survive key skirmishes. For starting item, take the Amplifying Tomb for the early damage. Then rush the Catalyst of Aeons. By rushing Rod of Ages, Morgana gains bonus Ability Power which works wonders on her. And of course, for boots build Stasis Enchant. The synergy with Morgana’s ultimate is irreplaceable. Build cooldown boots to spam abilities more often, or omnivamp boots for more sustain

The next portion is where itemization begins to differ. Build primarily ability power when going mid, and support items when playing as support. Of course, supports may still opt for ability power items, but be warned: the adc may tilt. Ardent Censor, Staff of Flowing Water and Athene’s work great with Morgana’s spell shield. Although the spell shield doesn’t necessarily heal, these items allow Morgana to buff up her allies in other ways. Athene’s is great against ability power teams granting healing alongside magic resist. Another great item, Zeke’s Convergence, synergizes with Morgana’s ultimate, providing a damage steroid for the allied ADC. The item is a great option for players looking for a defensive item.

For ability power items, Rabadon’s Deathcap is always a solid option. Ludens Echo increases her wave clear capabilities, and the other items are basically just for magic penetration.


Wild Rift Morgana Build
Wild Rift Morgana Runes

For keystone runes, Electrocute or Summoner Aery work well. Electrocute for players looking to deal burst damage, and Summoner Aery for players capitalizing on supporting. Weakness Exploit for the domination tree almost always, seeing as how it combos with Morgana’s first ability. For Resolve Tree, there are many flexible options. Adjust these according to match ups. In regards to the last Inspiration Tree, take Sweet Tooth for more sustain and extra gold income.

Of course, these are all still adjustable, but should serve as a good base structure.

Abilities Overview

Morgana functions best as an initiator that also excels at ranged combat. Utilizing her first ability skill shot alongside pool of damage, Morgana locks down enemies while dealing DPS. By abusing her spell shield, which nullifies the lockdown capabilities of practically every ability in the game, she also significantly denies the enemies plays. Therefore, play aggressively while balancing safe positioning to maximize the pick’s potential.

Soul Siphon (Passive)

Morgana’s passive grants her spell vamp, healing her for a portion of her dealt out damage. Though not a significant amount of healing, the sustain allows Morgana to survive for surprisingly long during team fights. Comboed with Stasis Enchant alongside her spell shield, Morgana becomes rather tanky, while still managing to deal solid AP damage.

Dark Binding (Ability 1)

Her bread and butter ability, Morgana’s Dark Binding is a skill shot that snares the first target it hits. Managing to land the move keeps the enemies in place for an absurd amount of time, while dealing substantial damage.

Be careful when throwing out this ability, angling and positioning Morgana prudently. Try to follow up allies’ engage or time the skill when the rest of the team can follow up thereafter.

Tormented Shadow (Ability 2)

Morgana throws out a pool of dark shadows that deal damage per second. Similar to Nasus’ area of effect circle, this ability on its own is a little lackluster. When comboing with other status ailments, which prevent enemies from moving outside the circle, Tormented Shadow really shows it’s worth.

For mid Morgana, utilize the skill as the primary tool for clearing waves. On the other hand, when playing Morgana support, try to avoid stealing farm with this move.

Black Shadow (Ability 3)

Also known as Morgana’s spell shield, Black Shadow nullifies practically every crowd control in the game. Absorbing a set amount of ability damage, the move counters mages heavily.

But keep in mind, the shield doesn’t negate attack damage. It will still nullify effects of crowd control and general status ailments. Just don’t try to block Zed or other AD champions’ abilities with Black Shadow. It’ll likely do little to help.

Soul Shackles (Ultimate)

Morgana’s ultimate ability is amazing. Soul Shackles sends out chain in Morgana’s immediate vicinity, eventually rooting enemies who remain in her area of effect.

Comboing this skill with Stasis Enchant is incredible. Soul Shackles’ chains remain even when Morgana becomes invulnerable.

Ability Upgrade Priority

Max and raise Morgana’s first ability first. Follow up by raising the second ability, and prioritizing the second ability max thereafter. For those playing support who find themselves falling behind, max her third ability instead for extra defensive capabilities. And of course, raise her ultimate whenever possible.

First Ability>Second Ability>Third Ability (AP damage)

First Ability>Third Ability>Second Ability (defensive support)

In Conclusion

Morgana is an excellent mid lane champion, while functioning amazingly as a support AP castor. Utilizing the pick to its utmost potential makes her a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully this Wild Rift Morgana build provided a base understanding to playing the champion. Of course, do not take this build as something that is set in stone. Adjust each rune and item to best fit the individual play styles.

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