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New VALORANT Agent Deadeye Teased in Riot’s Year One Anthem Video

New VALORANT Agent Deadeye

Right off the heels of a new agent announcement, Riot is teasing even more content in the near future. On Monday June 21, the official VALORANT twitter account released a video commemorating the first year of VALORANT. During the video viewers could see a quick few images of a potential new agent. Just this past week, Riot announced the latest agent KAYO. The newest robot character will join most likely later this month, but now there is a chance a new character may not be far behind.

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According to the VALORANT Leaks twitter page the newest agent is titled “Deadeye”. The new agent appears to be more of a suave character than a battle ready one. Donned in a collared shirt and vest, Deadeye stands in the foreground of the video in quick off-colored photos between clips. Notably, the character also holds a brand new weapon. It is unclear if the weapon is unique to Deadeye or if it will be available to all players as a new weapon option.

With a tattoo on their eye, it looks as though Deadeye may have some version of enhanced vision. The latest agent may be one of the first characters dedicated to long-ranged weapons like the Marshall or the Operator. If Deadeye is a sniper-centric agent, it will be interesting to see what abilities they have to incentivize using sniper rifles.

It is unknown when this new agent will enter the fray. VALORANT is now entering Episode 3 of it’s release schedule, and KAYO will be the first agent to join the game in this Episode. Players can only wait and see if Deadeye is in deed the next agent to join in the next Episode.

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