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VALORANT Deadeye Teased as the Next Agent Again?


VALORANT has not had a new agent in some time but there have been a lot of different clues signaling that one should be coming soon. With the last Act of Episode 3 on the horizon for the FPS, it would seem as though the leaks and rumors should start arriving soon. Most recently during the Last Chance Qualifiers a video seeming showed off another new character and many are asking, could this be VALORANT Deadeye?

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Leaker, @ValorLeaks was one of the first to put this screenshot out there.

It is clear that this is a character that is not known in VALORANT at this moment. There were teasers of Deadeye earlier in the year and it seems as though he would be the next agent to join VALORANT. That said, this is not a for sure thing. There have been some leaks in the past about names of agents and other aspects of the game but they have at least to this point not been added to the game.

As with most games, some leaks are parts of the game that were being worked on and then never added to the game. This could be the case as this picture of what many presume to be Deadeye, is a little different than the one that was seen in the one-year anniversary video. It is possible as well that they could have just changed his design a bit in the last few months.

Either way, there is an agent most likely coming to VALORANT very soon and Deadeye, if that ends up being their name, could be the one.

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