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Ever Upward: Who Replaces McGravy Next Season?

Last week the LA Valiant announced that they would not be resigning McGravy for the 2021 Overwatch League season along with Apply and GiG. While GiG and Apply were expected, McGravy’s release was surprising to say the least. He was the emotional heart and soul of the Valiant last season and made major strides in improving his play. His Sigma specifically was particularly strong throughout the year, though he was not a stand out at off tank compared to the rich crop of off tanks in the league. His departure begs the question; who will take his place?

Knowing the Packing10 and his staff’s player evaluation skills, it likely will not be a name the fan base expects. Just look at the roster from this past season. A player like Dreamer is a perfect example of great scouting and trialing. Dreamer is a Korean player who played in Australian Contenders for the Sydney Drop Bears. No one knew who he was and his expectations were very low. By the end of the season though he was a solid main tank who could play almost any main tank needed. Now with that in mind, here are a few options to replace McGravy at off tank.

Adam, Ground Zero Gaming (Australian Contenders)

Image Courtesy of Daily Esports

If there is an odds on favorite to replace McGravy it is Adam, and for good reasons. In Australian Contenders as part of both Order and Ground Zero Gaming he finished top three in every season he participated in, including two first place finishes. On top of that he has a flexible hero pool and an especially good D.Va. The biggest reason why he is the favorite though is his connection to the Valiant Coaching Staff. For almost two years Adam and now LA Valiant assistant coach Unter played together in Australian Contenders. Unter’s first hand experience playing with Adam could be a key factor when deciding on McGravy’s replacement so it can not be discounted. For the past few years he has lived in Punk’s shadow, but now is his chance to prove how good he is.

Ellivote, Team Doge (NA Contenders)

Overwatch League 2020 Season 2020-02-22 / Photo: ROBERT-PAUL For Activision Blizzard

Why not just bring him back to OWL? Ellivote had a storied Contenders career as part of Angry Titans, Team Envy and the Swedish Overwatch World Cup team. His D.Va and Sigma were both extremely strong while the rest of his pool is pretty strong as well. The only reason he is not on a roster currently is because of what happened in OWL last season. When the Washington Justice became a full Korean roster he was stuck as the only active player who spoke English. Instead of making him sit on the bench, the org graciously released him so he could compete in Contenders. He should be one of the highest priority targets for any team looking for a Western off tank, and the Valiant are no exception.

Piggy & GaeBullSsi, Talon Esports & Element Mystic

If the Valiant wanted to go for a Korean off tank, Piggy and GaeBullSsi are two name to watch. GaeBullSsi will be the harder of the two to acquire, but his addition would be massive for the Valiant. As part of WGS Phoenix this year he finished top three in both Contenders seasons and finished top two this past season. He is most known for his D.Va and Zarya but has shown flexibility onto heroes like Sigma as well. If the Valiant want a tank with a pedigree in the hardest region in the world, he is one of the names to pay attention to.

Likewise, Piggy is another massive name at off tank this offseason. He spent time over the past few years in Pacific and Chinese Contenders but has finally found his footing in Korean Contenders this season. As part of Talon Esports he finished top four in Korean Contenders Season Two and finished undefeated through the group stage. While his Contenders results are nothing special overall, he is quite talented. His hero pool does not have many holes of any at all. He played everything from D.Va to Zarya this year and can likely flex to Orisa as well. Piggy is a potential under the radar addition to this roster next season that would be a great addition to this team.

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