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The Florida Mayhem: A Love Letter to Meta Athena

Sam O'Dwyer
The Florida Mayhem are a bottom three team and have been since the beginning of Overwatch League Season 1. Despite there being a popular belief
Esports Overwatch

Overwatch: A Quick Look at the Spitfire’s Stage One Games

Zach Stenzel
There is little over a month until the return of the Overwatch League. The London Spitfire will be looking to mount a title defense, the
Esports Overwatch

Overwatch: OWL Expansion Team Power Rankings

Sam Putney
2019 is just around the corner. This, of course, means that OWL Season 2 isn’t far behind. S2 has eight new teams that will attempt
Esports Overwatch

OWL Freshman Main Tanks that will Outplay Their Sophomore Counterparts in OWL 2019

Connor Knudsen
As we try to evaluate which players and teams will do best in the 2019 season, we have to consider the backgrounds of each player.
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