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Detailed Fan Art Released for Junker Queen, Overwatch’s Potential 32nd Hero

junker queen overwatch

A dedicated and artistically skilled Overwatch fan has created a complete concept model for Overwatch’s potential 32nd hero, Junker Queen. Artist Chamachine refers to this character as “The Queen” in their renderings of the new hero and, at first glance, this could certainly pass as the real thing.

overwatch hero 32
Image Courtesy of Chamachine

Why Junker Queen for Hero 32?

The hype surrounding Junker Queen’s potential as the 32nd hero began to really form during the Yule Log event. It was there that Jeff Kaplan mentions Junker Queen at length, talking about how she could be a damage or tank hero. This, also, could have easily been something to mislead fans while the release of another new hero comes instead.

But, for now, there are no other concrete details to go off of. All fans have is this amazing fan art by Chamachine, some potentially misleading words from Jeff Kaplan and a dream. Oh, and did we mention that we’ve also broken down the most likely candidates for Overwatch’s 32nd hero? That might be a good place to go in the meantime, as well.

junker queen fan art
Image Courtesy of Chamachine

the queen overwatch
Image Courtesy of Chamachine


As a reminder, all images in this post are fan-created and are, at this point, not confirmed to be Blizzard official.


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Featured Image Courtesy of Chamachine

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