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TGH LCS Lock In Tournament All-Pro Teams

Core vs Vulcan

After every split or now season, there are All-Pro teams where the top three players from each of their roles are put into the first, second or third teams. While the Lock-In tournament was not a full Split of games for most of the teams, there was plenty of action. Cloud9 in particular played 17 games. Since the Lock-In tournament has finished up with Team Liquid walking away with the title, here are the TGH LCS Lock In Tournament All-Pro teams.

*Note: These are not the official All-Pro teams from the LCS.

1st Team

Top: Alphari

Jng: Blaber

Mid: Jensen

Bot: Zven

Sup: CoreJJ

2nd Team

Top: Impact

Jng: Santorin

Mid: Damonte

Bot: Tactical

Sup: Vulcan

3rd Team

Top: Ssumday

Jng: Closer

Mid: Jiizuke

Bot: FBI

Sup: Huhi

All-Pro Teams Overview
1st Team

The first team was pretty easy to decide on even after looking at the statistics from Oracles Elixir to make sure the eye-test didn’t fail. Well except for in the bot lane. Picking between the C9 and TL bot lane was tough but it came down to a few things. For Bot, Zven was masterful in so many games and even had two pentakills. What ended up being the difference was deaths, kill participation and overall damage which showed that Zven was providing more value to his team overall. While lane dominance may not have been there when compared to TL’s bot lane, Zven had an outstanding tournament.

Then when choosing Sup, it was also a tough decision. It came down to who was making more plays and helping their Bot laner get ahead. When looking at the lane differences CoreJJ clearly won out over Vulcan. Vulcan was also a playmaker but sadly he struggled quite a bit in the three losses that sealed C9’s fate.

2nd Team

This mid lane choice may be controversial but Damonte proved that he deserves to be ranked amongst the best. His first blood percentage was 27%, his laning stats showed that he was consistently ahead and his assists were nearly as high as Jensen and Perkz while playing three and six less games respectively. Damonte may not be flashy by getting a lot of kills but he has taken well to the more supportive mid laner role to help FBI, Closer and Ssumday get ahead. It is because of this that he will likely continue to find success and keep himself in the running for All-Pro teams in 2021.

Impact was an easy choice for top lane on the second team. Even if he fell off a bit when not playing Renekton, he showed the haters that he can be absolutely ferocious. He had the highest first blood percentage of any of the other options and was consistently dominating in lane. After week one many analysts believed it was between Impact and Alphari for who was the best top laner during the tournament. While Alphari won out, Impact still played out of his mind for most of it and should have EG fans getting very excited for the regular Spring Season.

3rd Team

The other four members of 100 Thieves land on the third team but had they not thrown away their 2-0 lead to C9 they could have been sitting much higher. During this tournament, 100 Thieves proved to everyone that they are legit title contenders. It is a bit surprising to see Damonte being the only one on the second team but that should be a great thing for 100 Thieves. Expect specifically FBI and Huhi to really push the C9 and TL bot lanes for the top spot. If 100 Thieves can continue to feed this kid he could end up being the MVP of the league.

The last player to discuss is Jiizuke. After so much grief this offseason and all the rumors for EG the past two offseasons along with benching him during the 2020 season, Jiizuke showed up and had a major impact for his team. Sure Perkz was fine but he was also not the reason his team won most of their games. Jiizuke on the other hand was a major catalyst for his team’s success. While he is a coin-flip type player, he came up heads more often than not in the Lock In Tournament. He frequently won his lane, had the highest mid lane kill participation in the league for teams that played into the semi-finals and the highest first blood percentage in the entire LCS. Jiizuke earned his spot here and in the starting lineup for EG.

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