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LCS Recap: Team Liquid vs FlyQuest

LCS Recap: Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Week 3

After a rough start to the Summer Split, both Team Liquid and FlyQuest were looking to get themselves going this weekend. Both sides haven’t played to the best of their abilities yet, so there was nothing holding them back.

Champion Select

Coming into this match, Team Liquid were looking to limit FlyQuest’s Bottom Lane. Their bans of Irelia, Yuumi, Sejuani, Rakan and Elise mirror this, as well as show their concern in the Jungle. By eliminating Yuumi and Rakan from the equation, Team Liquid have a better chance of building a lead in the Bottom Lane. On top of this, bans of champions like Sejuani and Elise allow for more Jungle control.

LCS Recap: Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Week 3

Image from LoL Esports Flickr.

On the other side, FlyQuest banned Jayce, Sona, Olaf, Sivir and Ezreal. Their focus was similar to Team Liquid’s, however they chose to ban Marksmen instead of Supports. Champions like Sivir and Ezreal are favorites of Peter ‘Doublelift’ Peng, so they made it a focal point to get them out of his grasp. FlyQuest’s ban of Sona was key as well, as it takes the Sona and Taric combination off the board.

Both sides echoed similar concerns, but neither could be crowned the winner of champion select. However, it seemed that FlyQuest were more ready out of the gate.

Bad Blood in the Mid Lane

As the game began, the LoL Esports crew made sure to point out Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen’s words from before the match. Since he replaced his opponent Eugene ‘Pobelter’ Park, there was bound to be some bad blood, but Jensen ensured that he would be the clear winner in that match-up.

Roughly three minutes into the match, FlyQuest seemed upset with Jensen and promptly ganked him two times in a row. In fact, they brought three members to the Mid Lane just to take him down. This not only established some early dominance for FlyQuest, but it sent quite the message.

LCS Recap: Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Week 3
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

Later in the game was where the action really intensified. FlyQuest had already built themselves a lead, but Team Liquid were putting efforts together to cut it down. Whether it was split pushing or responding to a team fight by securing an objective, Team Liquid knew how to keep themselves in it. Their ability to respond was the deciding factor, as they battled their way back into a huge victory.

This was a very exciting game on all sides, but Team Liquid’s team play was flat out better. They made the plays that counted, like picking up three big kills after FlyQuest secured Baron. This type of effort is what’s been expected from Team Liquid for the Summer Split, however it’s taken them a while to get into form.

Closing Remarks

For Team Liquid, their biggest force was Eon-yeong ‘Impact’ Jung on the Aatrox. His performance in the Top Lane was huge, totaling a scoreline of 5/0/7 with 253 CS. Impact was very active on the map and had great awareness of both his teammates and the opposition. This allowed for easier rotations and improved team fighting, resulting in an absolutely huge win for Team Liquid. By securing this victory, they move above .500 to 3-2 on the summer.

As for FlyQuest, their struggles continue. Their 1-4 record isn’t derivative of their skill level, but it has been reflective of their desire to win. Silly mistakes and poor preparation seem to be the culprits of their recent slump: two qualities that can often make or break a game. Instead, their rough patch grows longer along with the Summer Split.


Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports.

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