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EULCS Week Two Hyped Matchups

EULCS Week two Hyped Matchups
EULCS Team Standings After Week one, photo via Google

With week two of EULCS Summer Split 2018 right around the corner, let us take a closer look at some of the most hyped matchups.

Before we dive straight in, let us take a glance at the current standings between all the teams after week one.

At the top of the table, there are G2 Esports, Vitality and Misfits, each ending week one undefeated. Meanwhile, Schalke 04, ROCCAT, Giants and Fnatic went even during week one, forming the middle pack. And last, Unicorns, Splyce and H2K are still looking to snatch their first victory.


G2 vs SO4 : Potential Upset

EULCS Week two Hyped Matchups
Jankos and Perkz after going undefeated in week one, photo via G2 Esports

Speaking of EULCS, it is impossible to not mention one of the most dominant orgnizations in this region, G2 Esports. They finished week one strong with two wins, however their record doesn’t tell the full story. They struggled early game against Splyce and were only able to come back later in the game with superior team-fighting.

On the other hand, even though S04 lost one of the two games, they showed consistently strong early games in both matches, and are now looking to redeem themselves from their week one failure.

In the current meta, games do not usually last longer than 25 minutes. Therefore a good early game, in most cases, directly transfers into a huge gold advantage, and then consequently into a win, due to the heavy-snowballing nature of the game in the current state. If SO4 can keep the pressure up, and smartly take objectives with their early leads, they will definitely give G2 a run for their money.

FNC vs VIT : Clash of the Titans

EULCS Week two Hyped Matchups
FNC vs VIT week 2 of EULCS Summer 2018, photo via Lolesports

For all the FNC and Rekkles fans out there, let us all hope that FNC do not decide to run the same duo support bot lane composition from last week, and put the Spring Split MVP Rekkles on a carry.

It is clear that FNC is looking to bounce back from week one through a better understanding of the meta. Meanwhile, VIT would want to keep improving and make a case for themselves as they are indeed a fearsome opponent to play against.

The deciding point of this hyped matchup lies within the draft and Jizuke’s performance. The Italian mid laner did not play up to his usual standard even in their victories. He was getting solo killed by the enemy mid laner and was regularly found in bad positions during team fights.

VIT need not only Jizuke to come back in his top form, but also their bot lane to keep performing as they had last week. FNC will have to show us something else other than ‘protect the Caps’ composition, and execute a duo or triple carry team composition. Regardless which team wins in the end, this matchup is surely going to be a blast to watch.

MSF vs SPY : Dominance or Redeemption

EULCS Week two Hyped Matchups
New Splyce Roaster for EULCS Summer Split 2018, photo via Lolesports

Needless to say, MSF had an astounding week one and did not show any signs of weakness. MSF are planning to run over any team that stands in their way to victory.

On the other side of the spectrum, SPY went through a rather disappointing week one, and are now looking desperately for their first win. However it won’t be against an easy opponent this time.

SPY have good players, their problem was that they were out-drafted in both games during week one and did not have clear win conditions. They must understand the flow of the game better and communicate better as a team, in order to stand toe-to-toe against the unstoppable force that is MSF.

Whereas, Maxlore has always been the consistent player that put his team on his back in the time of need. He should be able to outjungle Xerxe who did not play well in week one and generate leads around the map for his team. As a team, MSF ought to stay focused, keep their composure and play their own game(more Heimerdinger?) to take home the W.

With all the hyped matchups coming our way, we will gradually learn more about all the teams and their respective strength. Will the standings be as wild as the current bot lane meta? Let us all witness it together this weekend.


Featured image via LoL Esports.

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