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Immortals League of Legends

AOE Immortals Partnership Announced for Amateur League of Legends

Immortals AOE

Immortals and AOE Esports announced today a partnership for the upcoming amateur League of Legends circuits. AOE and Immortals will be combining their resources to make a more official amateur team. AOE will be taking a managerial role for the team while Immortals will be serving an advisory role. This includes offering the players access to internal resources and support from the Immortals coaching staff. The roster was announced as well including these players and coaches.

  • Animegirl (Top Lane)
  • Winston (Jungle)
  • Shochi (Mid Lane)
  • Meech (Bot Lane)
  • Trevor (Support)
  • ArgentumSky, Julius, Brandini and DemoZ (Coaches)

AOE Immortals:

One of the biggest concerns from NA League fans has been how certain teams have not embraced the Amateur scene. 100T, C9, DIG, TSM and EG all have to varying levels of success. Unfortunately, this still means that half of the LCS does not foster a team. Why does Team Liquid, the team with Steve’s money, not have an amateur team? Frankly, it’s a bit telling of their priorities.

For Immortals, combining with an existing org to the benefit of both parties make a ton of sense. We saw this last year with Dignitas Mirage. And while sure, Dignitas Mirage was not very good, the concept makes sense. Heck, even Evil Geniuses Prodigies was just a bought out Zenith roster. For the orgs with less capital like Immortals, Dignitas, Golden Guardians or FlyQuest, this makes sense for both parties. The teams are able to make a talent development pipeline while also not spending as much.

Immortals and AOE doing this partnership is great. Young and raw players get the chance to have a stable income and solid coaching. Amateur players are usually thrown around teams multiple times a year just to get enough income to get by, if at all. Look at the great players from 100T Next, Evil Geniuses Prodigies and Cloud9 Amateur in just 2 years. This strategy works.

Fans should encourage more investment like this into the Amateur scene. There are rumors that there is another team trying to pull a similar maneuver, but nothing is set in stone. Animegirl, Winston, Shochi, Meech and Trevor all have a great chance to showcase their talents.

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