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NA ALGS Split 2 Qualifier Results

Split 2 Qualifier

There were twenty teams that competed on January 9 in the NA ALGS Split 2 Qualifier with originally only the top eight teams earning a spot in Split 2. After the qualifier finished, SXG, a team that had a spot in Split 2 already from their efforts in Split 1, disbanded. This gave TDG, who placed 9, the opportunity to play in Split 2, and Laurice “GuhRL” Habibi, a player for TDG, will be the only female competing in Split 2 for NA.

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1. Last Minute (Lewdatv, ProbGarrett, sSikezz)

While they may have left the formation of their team to the last moment, Last Minute came out with a vengeance, winning the first two games with a total of 24 kills. Having secured 48 points already, Last Minute did not need any more points to qualify, but they secured their first-place overall finish in the qualifiers with a 19 kill second-place finish in the fifth game. After Game 6, Last Minute had 28 more points than CLG, and they were the most dominant team in the lobby. Cruising through qualifiers is no guarantee of success against top teams in the Pro League, but Last Minute has earned their chance to compete and will look to continue the success they had in the qualifiers into NA ALGS Split 2.

2. CLG (Mamba, NanoFRYS, Vatroh)

CLG was forced into relegation after they struggled in ALGS Split 1, but they found new life in the Qualifiers after a roster change, adding Mamba and benching GsBird. The switch paid off in the Split 2 Qualifiers, and CLG was able to secure 66 points with 33 kills for a second place finish. Throughout NA ALGS Split 1 CLG struggled to deal with a team that landed in the POI directly beside them, ESA, a top fighting team in NA that finished 3rd overall in the standings. These qualifiers gave CLG a chance to play in lobbies without ESA hot on their heels, and they took advantage of the opportunity.

CLG is an esports organization with proven success in Apex Legends, and while the current roster has not found the top of the leaderboards in ALGS, past iterations of the CLG roster have won 5 ALGS Championships. With a fresh roster heading into Split 2, CLG will look to add to their trophy case.

3. Nightmare (NM Crizik, NM Washee, NM AimGod)

Apex Legends can be a revolving door of organizations, rosters, and teams, but Nightmare Esports is a new org founded in 2021. With 60 points over the six games, Nightmare finished in a close third to CLG. With players new to the competitive scene, and Nightmare will be competing in higher-tiered lobbies than they ever have for NA ALGS Split 2. Nightmare performed well in the Split 2 Qualifier, and they earned the privilege to compete at the highest level in NA ALGS.

Teams like Last Minute, CLG, and Nightmare will look to prove themselves when in Split 2 after the NA ALGS Split 1 Playoff finish on January 23.

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