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What is the Apex Legends Season 12 Start Date?

Apex Legends Season 12 Start Date

With the month of January rolling on by, players may be wondering when the Apex Legends Season 12 start date is. Though there is no confirmed date, season 12 will undeniably begin in the beginning of February. For those who don’t know, each season of Apex Legends lasts approximately three months. Season 11 began on November 2, 2021. Therefore, the speculated beginning date for Apex Season 12 start date is on February 8, 2022. But why on February 8, instead of February 2 exactly three months after season 11? 

Each season of Apex brings loads of new content, including a new battle pass. The current battle pass expires on February 8. If Apex Legends keeps to the previous trend of season releases, then expect the Apex Season 12 release date to occur on February 8 around 1 P.M EST. 

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What to Expect from Season 12 

Each season of Apex brings loads of new content. Potential new playable characters, a massive balance patch to introduce the season, and new battle passes make their way onto the battle royal. In regards to the new characters, there haven’t been any official reveal quite yet. But what there have been are teases from the Apex Legends team. 

Blisk is a very real possibility for the next season. Considering the recent patterns releases, the new playable characters seem to relate directly with preexisting ones. Through a majority of last year, Respawn teased different aspects of Blisk. And it would be a complete waste for them not to use their hard work.

Another very possible character release is Mad Maggie. This particular character was datamined in September, showing evidence to the characters connection with another unreleased character named Maali. But until more information releases, treat the content as speculative.

In Conclusion

Apex Legends Season 12 start date will likely start on February 8 at 1 p.m. EST. But keep in mind, this is purely speculation based off of preexisting trends. Therefore, this date is still fickle to change. In addition, expect at least one playable new character in season 12. With a couple weeks left in season 11, leaks for the new season are sure to trickle in.

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