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Top 3 Teams heading into the NA ALGS Playoffs


The NA ALGS Split 1 Playoffs start January 23 where the top 20 teams will compete for a $250,000 prize pool, with the top team competing earning $100,000. Sentinels and NRG have separated themselves from the rest of the teams ending Split 1 with 47 points for match results each, but Sentinels ability to put out huge games gives them a slight advantage overall points for the tiebreaker, giving them a one point advantage over NRG heading into the first game of the playoffs. After a slow first two weeks in Split 1, G2, while fourth in overall standings, has found their footing, and they look to be heating up going into Playoffs, which features a match point format.

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1. Sentinels

The only team to win two of their six-match days, Sentinels amassed 375 points through 36 games, averaging more than 10.4 points a game. NRG were the only other team to break 300 points, with 328. Sentinels have proven their ability to have multiple 30 point games in a day, and if they start the playoffs hot, the match could very easily be over in three games.

In the playoffs, Sentinels aggressive playstyle may work against them in the match point format, allowing teams to locate them using the kill feed as well as with the new legend Ash. However, Sentinels have earned the reputation as the best fighting team in NA for a reason, and any team looking to third party will not find an easy fight.

2. NRG

NRG are the only team to come close to matching Sentinels point output.  Through NA ALGS Split 1, they have been one of the most consistent teams, winning one match, three-second places in match days, and NRG has routinely been atop the leaderboards in NA. NRG was the only team to win 6 individual games during Split 1, and their ability to close out games in these stacked lobbies will be a huge advantage in the match point format.

NRG will be looking to redeem their tenth place performance the ALGS 2021 Championship and if their performance of NA ALGS Split 1 was any indication, they will be a team to watch in the Playoffs.

3. G2

G2 are a team that is either fighting for the top of the leaderboards or scraping the bottom of the barrel. For G2, the last four weeks of the NA ALGS have shown them finding their confidence in the meta with new legends Ash and Valkyrie. ESA may have finished above them in overall points with 40 compared to G2’s 38, but G2 have been trending upward. ESA, after looking like the most dominant team in NA through the first 4 weeks, have lost their footing after Evan “Verhuslt” moved to TSM. G2 have won the JBL Quantum Cup and a weekly Box Fight Championship since their fourth place in ALGS Split 1. They look to be gaining momentum going into the NA ALGS playoffs in two weeks.

In Conclusion

In a match point format, the lobbies will be intense. Teams like TSM, ESA, or 100T have all shown themselves capable of being one of the top teams, but have struggled with constancy over the split. With no set number of games, the playoffs will continue until a team earns match point. When ALGS returns on January 23 at 5:00 PM EST, look out for Sentinels, NRG, and G2 to all be competing for the top prize of $100,000.

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