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What is the VALORANT Deadeye Release Date?

Deadeye Release Date

VALORANT continue to push out great new agents that add something new to the game but also to the expanding lore of the game. Deadeye has been teased for months now and with the numerous delays, it is safe to say that VALORANT fans are chomping at the bit to get him. Now the question becomes, what is the Deadeye release date?

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Deadeye will be joining VALROANT as the seventeenth agent. There is a chance Deadeye ends up not being the agent as Riot Games and the VALORANT team have not officially released the new agent. Or at least not the name of the next agent. This comes from a reputable leaker in the scene and while they are normally correct, there is the chance KAYO is either fake or not released yet.

From what has been shown about Deadeye one can assume that the agent will fall somewhere in one of two classes. Either a controller or sentinel due to the radar ability Deadeye may have. It was confirmed in the latest post from Riot Games and the VALORANT Devs that Deadeye would be a Sentinel.

As Episode 3 Act 3 of VALORANT begins, Deadeye comes after a short drought of new agents as one was not released with Act 2 of Episode 3. This was the second time the VALORANT team had missed on a new agent since the release of the game just over a year ago.

There are reports that Deadeye was delayed again. This time just one patch instead of an entire Act. This means the Deadeye release date while not being revealed yet should be sometime between November 16 and November 18 with VALORANT Patch 3.10.

If they were to push the whole chapter back that would be the only way that Deadeye is also pushed back. That or whatever agent the newest one ends up being. It will be interesting once Deadeye is likely confirmed to see what their abilities are.

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