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VALORANT Deadeye Teased Again


There is little to no doubt that the next VALORANT agent will be revealed very soon. Many are thinking it could be as soon as the next couple of days. That said, VALORANT Deadeye was teased again three times but these times in much more obvious ways. This time the VALORANT Twitter account posted three gifs that had many in the community believing that VALORANT Deadeye was on the way. Here is a look at it and some thoughts on what it means.

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The VALORANT tweets below show some more about who Deadeye could be and even potentially a brand new Bundle of Gun Skins.

As one can see in all of these teasers, one thing that seems to hold true is that Deadeye, if that in fact ends up being the name of the next VALROANT agent, will likely be about vision and long range. While every agent in VALORANT has their style, this would be a relatively unique one. It almost feels as though Deadeye would be able to scout and area and reveal the units with what was shown before.

Then the last two have to do with snipers or even just high damage low fire rate guns. The guns shown in the third tweet are also being seen as potentially just new skins relating to Deadeye. If this is the case then really all players have to lean on in terms of Deadeye’s abilities are the first tweet which looks very much like radar.

Either way, it is clear that Deadeye is one the way. There are reports that the new agent will be coming the patch after the new Act, but either way if they are taking this much time including pushing Deadeye back an entire Act, then it seems as though Deadeye could be quite the meta changing agent.

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