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VALORANT Agent 14 Potentially Leaked

Yoru Valorant

A Russian leak has seemingly revealed the newest agent to be added to VALORANT. The agent is currently known as Agent 14 but it seems as though his name is Yoru. While this leak has not been confirmed, the video, shows the new screen for the next act along with Yoru on Icebox. His abilities have also been revealed and can be seen in the video below.

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This all has been on reddit and luckily the abilities have been translated to some degree by user “kuroi_kaze_“.

Yoru Valorant

Ability 1: Creates stepping sound. Press Fire to send it ahead. Or Pre-place it with Alt-Fire, then press F to send the inactive one ahead.

Ability 2: Flash. Press Fire to throw it, it will pop after contacting with surface.

Ability 3: Press Ability button to place Portal, Press Fire to send Portal ahead, Anchor Portal with Alt-Fire. Press Activate to teleport through the Portal.

Ult: Press Fire to become invisible from enemies and invulnerable.

Currently, it seems as though Yoru will be hailing from an Eastern country, potentially Japan. He would be the first agent from that country.

It is important to note that this leak could be incorrect and potentially fan-made. That said, the video specifically with Jett, Cypher, Viper and Phoenix showing on the front screen makes it seem possible that Yoru will be agent 14.

The Game Haus will continue to track this story as it feels like a reveal could be coming soon. If that is the case fans should keep their eyes on the VALORANT Twitter account and possibly even the Riot Games Twitter as that is where they prefer to do their announcements. It may not be much longer until fans officially meet VALORANT Agent Yoru.

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