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TFT Tier List Patch 10.13 Week Two: The Big Three

Heading into the 10.13 patch for Teamfight Tactics, players were looking forward to a stable metagame. Their wish was granted but the monkey’s paw curled. The Tier List Patch 10.13 week two is a small one.

From a metagame where there were five to seven comps that could win any lobby, the last few days saw that list shrink to only three.

Three comps are all that is on this weeks tier list and for a good reason. It is nearly impossible to win lobbies with any other comp because these three are so far and away better than any other comp. If these comps are S-Tier, the next closest comp would be in B-Tier.

Because of this, it is absolutely imperative to only play the comp that players hit naturally. Forcing a comp when it needs very specific units in a lobby in which at least two other people are going after is not wise when a player does not have a optimal start for it.

With that in mind, here is the week two TFT tier list for patch 10.13

S-Tier: Comps that will top four at average power level/Will win at an optimal power level

Riven Sorcs

Last Week Position: S-Tier (Rank 3)

Heading into patch 10.12, Riven Sorcs was looking like the best comp in the game, heading out of patch 10.13 the comp has proven that statement to be true.

The Riven Sorc comp, unlike the other two comps on this list, has no true counter. In fact, this comp can play the counter to the other two comps.

The reason behind Riven Sorc having no counter is that the carry in this comp is a front line tank, except the tank can dash and do massive AOE damage. Riven is also not reliant on specific positioning or specific secondary carry units for most of the game. When it comes to item dependency as long as she has a Guardian’s Angel and an Ionic Spark, she can cut through any defense and survive long enough to cut down any foe.

Riven does need a massive amount of spell power in order to be a solo tank in the comp. Thankfully throwing six sorcerers behind her is enough to do just that. Ideally on level seven players will want any six sorcerers and a Riven. The best sorcerers players can run include Twisted Fate because he adds the Chrono synergy, Viktor who can act as a secondary carry, and Xerath who can do the heavy lifting in the late game. Besides those three, it really does not matter what other sorcerers are on the team. As for a third item after Ionic Spark and GA, players can look to Deathcap for even more damage or a Quicksilver Sash if playing around Zephyr is not possible.

On level eight, players are looking to counter the other two comps on this list who both run backline carries. Fizz has been the unit of choice due to him diving the backline and getting his ability off quickly. His radius on his ability is massive and will most likely blow up the entire backline by itself, with six sorcs adding extra damage, there is a good chance the ability will straight up kill the backline.

The comp kind of falls off later in the game but that is not a problem. In the Late game, players can use the combo of Janna and Xerath in order to deal with backline threats from a distance. Viktor’s ability also reaches the backline. If Star Guardian’s Charm is ever found, players can run the fabled six Sorc, six Star Guardian version of the comp which is essentially Exodia. Star Guardian Charm and Viktor alongside a Janna is so incredibly strong. Riven is also kinda strong too.

This comp also spikes quicker than Cybernetics and Jinx Brawlers as long as players can find Riven early. If players can safely hit level nine and find powerful tier five units and upgrade them, victory is all but assured.


tier list patch 10.13 cybers

Last Week Position: S-Tier (Rank 1)

In every tier list since the mid-set update, Cybernetics have been S-tier. Also in every single tier list since then, Vayne has been the primary reason behind that.

Vayne has no business being a tier three unit. To be the powerhouse unit in an S-tier comp, tier three units are expected to be 3*. Vayne has broken that line of thinking. The Cybernetic Sniper doesn’t need to be a 3* unit which is great news seeing as Cybernetics are the most contested comp in the game currently. Simply slapping an Infinity Edge and a Last Whisper on her is enough for a S-tier carry apparently.

The comp is notorious for being able to run the more, annoying items in the game. Items like Zephyr, Redemption, Frozen Heart, Shroud of Stillness and Ionic Spark are fantastic on literally any Cybernetic unit. As if fighting units on literal steroids wasn’t enough of a headache, opponents also have to play through the bottomless utility the Cybernetic comp packs. Because of that, galaxies like Galactic Armory, Treasure Trove, and Binary Star are amazing for Cybernetics. Superdense is also fantastic as it not only gives the comp an extra unit slot to play with, it also gives them an item that can be slammed on a random Cyber unit for additional stats.

The one thing that holds Cybernetics back is the fact that the main carry is a tier-three 2* unit. Vayne does a ton of damage but falls off late game especially against the other two comps on this list. Thankfully for her, Ekko and Thresh can help late game. An Ekko 2* can shut down backline carries and buy time for Vayne. A Thresh 2* can reel in multiple heavy CC units as well as Urgot who can just win games by himself.

If playing on a galaxy that is good for Cybers, as long as players can hit the units easily, top four is automatic. If players can get to level nine safely and throw in Thresh and upgrade Ekko, winning is smooth sailing.

Jinx (Brawlers and Rebels)

tier list patch 10.13 jinx brawlers

Last Week Position: S-Tier (Rank 2)

Unlike the main carries in the other two comps, Jinx is pretty flexible when it comes to composition variation. However, there are two different versions that make Jinx an S-tier comp.

The first is the classic Jinx Brawler composition. Players have heard it before. Throw in four beefy Brawlers and sit Jinx in the back. The Brawlers use their health and CC to buy time for Jinx to pop off. Once Jinx pops off the game is over. Nothing has changed from the current popular iteration of this comp. The only thing players are doing differently at the moment is running multiple Aurelion Sol’s due to giving Jinx and itself multiple Rebel buff stacks. Also Asol is one of the best units in the game due to him draining mana and health bars.

The other variation is a throwback. The six Rebel variation is back and is better than ever. The six Rebel synergy gives an even bigger buff to Jinx and because there are six Rebels it gives Jinx more stacks. The sacrifice is essentially less CC for more power. But that doesn’t mean CC is not present. Gangplank along with Ziggs provide a powerful lockdown combo with both of them packing the Demolitionist trait. And as always, GP can also be a carry himself with the right items.

The thing that holds this comp back is that it and dies by Jinx. If Jinx dies too early or can’t pop off, then the comp does no damage. Asol and GP can help do damage but typically they can’t do it alone. Jinx is very vulnerable to Infiltrators who dive the backline. Ekko and Fizz are very powerful champions that can be splashed in most compositions. In fact, Jinx can play Ekko and/or Fizz too.

With that said, if players can protect Jinx well enough then top fours are free. If Jinx is able to pop off consistently, then winning games is free too.

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