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TFT Patch Notes 10.25 Rundown – Top 3 Meta Predictions

Happy Holidays! The last patch notes of 2020 are finally here and although it’s not as big as some of the other patches that have happened recently, this patch will definitely have a big impact on the meta game. Here are the top three predictions that will happen to the meta in TFT Patch 10.25

Duelists will be Meta with Kalista as the Carry

Kalista TFT Patch Notes

When the set four units first got revealed for Teamfight Tactics: Fates, one particular tier three-unit was of peak interest. Kalista seemed to be on many players lists as a top tier carry. She was unique as it didn’t matter how much power she had in terms of damage because if she attacked enough times she would simply execute the target she was shooting. This character backed with items like Rageblade and Hurricane seemed like a recipe for success. Except it hasn’t so far due to many bugs. Those days are finally over.

Kalista is getting some much-needed bug fixes in 10.25. Instead of prematurely rending an enemy unit, Kalista will now rend an enemy properly so that when she does, that unit will die. Not only that but damage multipliers will work properly on her as well with items like Infinity Edge and Deathcap. Essentially for the first time in set four, Kalista will be the unit people thought she would be and if original predictions served right, she will be a top-tier unit in the meta game.

Moonlight Aphelios is Back

Aphelios TFT PAtch notes

Speaking of a unit that has had bugs that prevented them from being meta, Aphelios is getting some bug fixes too. After a rework of his ability, Aphelios is been slowly finding his way back into the meta game as a Hunter Moonlight force to be reckoned with. The crazy part is that he’s pretty decent right now despite a huge bug affecting his protentional. Currently, Aphelios’ turrets don’t proc the Hunter trait. In 10.25 they will.

This bug change is massive. Aphelios’ power will drastically shoot up and with Aphelios already being in an okay spot, this might make Aphelios a tier zero unit. Hopefully, Aphelios will be great but still be healthy for the meta game. Unfortunately, Aphelios’ past says everyone is heading into a bad meta.

Warlords will be still be a top tier comp

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If Aphelios is S-tier, than Warlords will certainly be at least A-tier. With Warwick being taken down a couple of notches, the already top three Warlord composition is primed to move up once again. There are two changes to Warlord units in patch 10.25. The first is that J4 is finally getting his mana cost nerfed. He was over tuned with having a very powerful CC ability on a short cooldown. The second change is yet another buff to Xin Zhao in hopes of making him meta. At worst players can see these changes as a net neutral change as Katarina is still the star of the show.

Katarina is an amazing assassin carry for the Warlord comp. If Aphelios becomes meta, Katarina will be a great counter. She will be able to take care of Aphelios before he ramps up. Katarina will also be able to deal with Kalista too. As long as Katarina isn’t touched, Warlords will still be a force in the meta game.

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