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TFT Meta Snapshot/Tier List 10.24 B-Patch – “No Rest for the Warwicked”

After a week of Zed dominance, a B-patch came up and attempted to shake up the meta. The goal of nerfing Zed succeeded but another oppressive comp simply took his place. Here is the TFT Patch 10.24 B-patch Tier List/ Meta Snapshot.

TFT Meta Snapshot 10.24 week two

S-Tier: Comps that will almost always top four/very likely win


Warwick TFT 10.24

Last Week Position: A-Tier

After the nerfs to Zed in the B-patch, one comp was bound to take Zed’s place on top of the meta mountain. Unfortunately for TFT fans everywhere, the comp that did is no stranger to the spotlight. Warwick is back on top and there really isn’t much anyone can do about it. A Warwick 2* with the correct items is downright oppressive as he can’t die and everyone around him is able to throw out insane CC to prevent anyone from jumping on him. Once he casts his ability, the round is pretty much over as the snowball begins and it ends without any counterplay.

Late game when it feels like Warwick can’t do the job alone, Lee Sin is there to make sure the enemy carry units get kicked off the board. The crazy part is outside of Warwick, none of the secondary units require any specific items because the comp is just that good. There are a couple of comps that can hang with Warwick but make no mistake, Warwick is the best comp in the game.

A-Tier: Comps that will likely top four/can win any lobby


Warlords TFT meta 10.24

Last Week Position: A-Tier

Warlords are still very strong and are a threat to win any lobby. A well-positioned Katarina can delete even the most potent of backlines and the rest of the Warlord units are fantastic meat shields that can buy time for Katarina to pop off. This comp does rely on specific items for Katarina though. Gunblade is pretty much mandatory and if the player wants to have her cast late game she is going to need a Quicksilver Sash too.

With a Warlord Chosen and a Warlord Spat this comp can really shine. Opening up the 9 Warlord chase trait allows for Katarina to be a carry threat against any late-game comp in TFT. Without it, she does struggle to carry late-game fights unless she is 3*. This comp thrives in the early and mid-game and although players won’t win many games without a 3* Kat or 9 Warlords, this comp is fantastic at securing top 3’s and 2’s.

Dusk Riven

TFT TIer List Riven

Last Week Position: A-Tier

Dusk is still the powerhouse trait that it has always been. Nothing has changed from this comp and the plan is still simple. Get in four dusk units with a Jhin and throw in as many high-cost units as possible. Jhin and Riven are a fantastic one-two punch that can eventually kill entire teams. The supporting cast is there to make sure that the round lasts long enough to do so. Late game units like Yone, Kayn, Azir, and Zilean can buy all the time in the world. If a Dusk Spat is involved then this comp is the best in the game cap-wise.

B-Tier: Comps that most likely top four but need help to win lobbies

Ashe (Elderwood and Adept)

TFT 10.22 Ashe Adept

Last Week Position: B-Tier

Ashe and friends are not in the best spot in the world but she is still one of the better carry units in the game. The good thing going for her right now is that she is uncontested but the bad thing is that she needs significant help to be relevant in the late game. Elderwood and Adept as traits are not as powerful as they used to be and Ashe’s damage isn’t either.

The key for this comp’s success comes through the ability of hitting upgrades quickly. Ashe can still do a ton of damage but she needs a lot more time than the comps above her. Going deep into the Hunter trait can help her out. Getting Ashe to 3* and/or hitting legendary unit upgrades in the late game is a good way to hang with the big boys in the current meta game.

6 Keepers

Keepers TFT 10.24

Last Week Position: B-Tier

Although this comp did get some nerfs in the B-Patch, it is still good. The shields from the 6 Keeper trait are massive and with the right items on the Keeper carries, this comp can destroy enemy teams.

The Keeper units in this comp are all very strong. J4 is borderline broken with his ability having such a short mana cost. Riven has been a premier carry unit throughout the entirety of set four and Azir has a powerful CC ability of his own. The unsung hero of this comp though is Kennen. Kennen not only has a big AoE CC ability, but it also does a lot of damage thanks to the Ninja buff. With a Morello’s Kennen is definitely able to play the role of a main carry in this comp. With the 6 Keeper shield, front lining Kennen can be devastating to enemy boards.

However, Kennen and the rest of the keepers may not have enough damage to effectively deal with late game boards. The Keepers can prolong rounds and buy time but the damage may be lacking. Units like Jhin, Kayn, and Yone can help out in the damage department. The alternative for damage is to 3* the Keeper units themselves. J4, Riven, and Kennen all do a ton of damage at 3*. The options are there if one is able to find a Keeper Chosen.


9 Cultist TFT Meta Snapshot

Last Week Position: B-Tier

Cultists are slowly falling out of the meta but they are definitely still playable. The comp hasn’t changed as the idea is to power spike early and mid-game with a Chosen Cultist and eventually push to level eight where players have a decision to make. Do they go for 9 Cultists or pivot into a 3 or 6 Cultist board with legendary units?

The more viable route is definitely a smaller Cultist package with legendary units. A lot of the Cultist units are fantastic as standalone units but some of the units like Twisted Fate and Evelyn are going to be pretty bad later in the game. Going for a 6 Cultist core with powerful Legendary units like Yone and Kayn is definitely a recipe for top 4 success that can also net wins.

9 Cultists are still viable though. In fact, if a player can hit 9 Cultists the moment they hit level 8, then top fours are free. The issue with 9 Cultists is that with the lack of synergies or legendary units, it’s essentially up to the Supreme Overlord Galio to be the legendary carry unit the comp needs. Unfortunately, as the game goes on, Galio gets worse as other comps are able to either deal with him immediately or those comps can just kill all the units on the map and then deal with Galio in a 7v1 scenario. 9 Cultists are still a decent bet to net top fours with, if the option is available.

Honorable Mentions: Comps that should be noted


Last Week Position: HM

Still the same Ahri comp. Throw in a heavy Vanguard frontline with some Mystic units to keep everyone healthy and patiently wait for Ahri to throw out a devastating Spirit Bomb.

Duelist Yasuo

Last Week Position: HM


Moonlight Reroll (Lissandra and Diana)

Last Week Position: HM

Still a good option if a player hits a Moonlight Chosen unit. Lissandra and Diana are definitely capable of making it into the top four of pretty much any lobby. Wins are a different story. Diana is an unkillable assassin for most of the game and Lissandra is Dazzler Nuke for most of the game. The keyword here is “most”.


Last Week Position: S-Tier

The main reason why the B-patch happened, Zed just proved to be too damn strong and even in a nerfed state, Zed is still viable. Everything about the comp is the same, but now it’s pretty much mandatory that a player hit a Chosen Zed and get him to 3*. If they can do that, then top fours and even wins are possible.

Featured Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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