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3 TFT Set 6 Comps to Try on PBE

TFT Set 6 Comps

With TFT Set 6 hitting PBE today, the new system and unit changes can be a lot to figure out, so it’s best to get a head start on building new game-winning comps to hit the ground running once the new set hits live servers. Here are some potential TFT Set 6 Comps to try on PBE.

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As a quick reminder, these are just test comps, none of them may be viable as the meta shifts and the top comps come out or they could turn into top tier comps. Only time will tell.

Clockwork Enchanter Jhin

Jhin Clockwork Enchanter

Jhin is back but this time it is not all about his fourth shot. Instead, he has his ultimate from League of Legends which sees him shooting through multiple targets and dealing pretty hefty amounts of damage. With Jhin being a clockwork champion he sees his attack speed increase naturally with the enchanter bonus giving him plenty of ability to survive most early damage to get his ult started. Positioning is going to be the trick with Blitzcrank back in the meta.

Either way, players can build mainly damage items on Jhin and watching him blow up most of his targets. The Yuumi will help to provide damage. Galio provides frontline and possibly a great place to put Jhin depending on where the spotlight is. Jhin is the star of the show in this comp and everything else is there to give him time and space to do his thing.

Jinx Bruiser

Bruiser Jinx

With Arcane coming out soon, many should have expected that TFT would tie into it somehow. In Set 6, Jinx and Vi are sisters and while Vi is a pretty normal unit, Jinx really pops off in this one. She not only does insane single target damage but her ability in this game is pretty intense. She jumps right into the middle of the enemy doing a ton of damage and setting everything on fire. Fits her character right?

Similar to old Jinx the goal here is to buy her time and let her do her thing. All of these bruisers stay alive and she sits back dealing damage. Once she gets rolling though, it is truly tough to stop her as all of the bruisers are at the frontline with her when she lands. Either Kogmaw or Urgot can be thrown in depending on what the mutant trait is to help out the squad.

Vex Arcanist

Vex Arcanist

This one is a bit more fun than potentially serious, but it can be a lot of fun and still help players make their way into top 4 placings pretty regularly. The goal here is to make Vex as tanky as possible and a lot of different items work on her. Something to the effect of Rabadon’s Death Cap, Hextech Gunblade and a Gargoyle Stoneplate should make her nearly unkillable. Not only will she soak up damage, but she blasts it out as well.

With the Yordle trait it is easy to get her to level six and if people want to go the full six Yordles and have the secret Veigar appear then that is always fun too. That said, this comp listed above can dish out plenty of damage. With Vex frontlining, the rest of the comp has time to sit back and dish out serious damage from the likes of Jayce, Lux and Viktor all while Yuumi, Seraphine and Lulu provide plenty of CC and buffs to make things work well. Again, this comps is so much fun to play and should perform well too so make sure to give it a try.

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