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Who Will Win 2020 Most Improved Player?

NBA coaches always look to improve their core and put out the best team they can. One great aspect of the Most Improved Player award is that it can be given to any player. So, player development is the name of the game and maximizing potential is key to a successful team. So, looking forward, there are a lot of likely candidates for next year’s award. But, here are some players that are likely to up their game to the next level this season and have the potential to win the 2020 Most Improved Player award.

Donovan Mitchell

Last season Mitchell posted 23.8 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 4.2 assists per game. The Jazz are coming into this next season having added more talent. Picking up point guard Mike Conley and power forward Bojan Bogdanovic the Jazz are the dark horse team of the West.

2020 Most Improved Player
Donovan Mitchell dunks during a game against the Clippers. (Photo by Kelvin Kuo/Associated Press)

So, this leaves Mitchell with a great opportunity to come out strong and lead his team. With the talent surrounding him, he should be able to score more and put up some more assists.

Now that he does not always need to be the outright leader of his team Mitchell could use this season to develop all aspects of his game. He can be more confident in passing around for assists. Along with Mike Conley, Mitchell will be able to space the floor better and could have more shooting chances to capitalize on.

Look to see how Mitchell uses the new talent to help elevate his own game to the next level and become the 2020 Most improved player.

Ben Simmons

Yes, Ben Simmons is a great player. But, in this next season, we could see him win the 2020 Most Improved Player award.

Simmons just got his payday and needs to prove that he is worth the money. One simple way he could do that would be to add more shooting options. When talking about Simmons two things always come up, the rookie jokes, and his inability to shoot anything more than 12-feet out. If Simmons develops his game as a shooting point guard this could make it even harder to game plan against him.

This alone puts him in contention for the award.

2020 Most Improved Player
Photo credit to

Two other areas he should seek to improve would be turnovers and free-throw shooting. He currently shoots under 60 percent for his career and shot exactly 60 percent this season. These two areas of his game are also something that is incredibly important for a point guard. So, if Simmons can also develop these two areas over the summer his game should improve vastly.

If Ben Simmons is able to put these three pieces together he should be highly considered for the 2020 Most Improved Player award.

Gary Harris

2020 Most Improved Player
Photo credit to Heightline

Simply put, Gary Harris needs to stay healthy. If Harris is able to play a full season he has the potential to be one of the best shooting guards in the league. Harris continues to put up good numbers and has improved as a player over the years. He still has room to develop as well.

The team around him should also elevate his game. Playing alongside Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, Harris will have a lot of looks at the basket. He will also be surrounded by shooters and other playmakers. Harris’s defensive play also puts him ahead of so many players. He just needs a full season to showcase what he is capable of. If he can put out a stellar season look for him to be in contention for the Most Improved Player award.


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