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Pokemon Unite Espeon Revealed

Pokemon Unite Espeon Release Date

In their recent twitter post, Pokemon Unite revealed their newest pokemon. Pokemon Unite Espeon is joining the game! The pokemon saw some data mines in the past, so a majority of the community already knew it was coming. But regardless, having official news confirming Espeon’s debut is great. It likely plays as a special attacker, with its starting form being Eevee. No official gameplay has been revealed, but data miners have already discovered plenty of content surrounding Espeon.

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Extra Context

Shown from the pictures, Eevee evolves at level 4. The moves it learns scale in regards to leveling exactly the same as Sylveon. This should serve as no surprise, seeing as how they are both Eeveelutions. In a data mine, ElChicoEevee found the image for Espeon, which had a red background. This correlates with the attacker role. Therefore, it’s highly likely that Espeon will play as a ranged attacker, rather similarly to Sylveon. In addition, Espeon scales with special attack in the main line games.  So the pick will do the same in Pokemon Unite, since developers actually remain surprisingly true to the source material.

It’s hard to tell how strong the pokemon will be. With a release date of May 15, players will have to wait for the pokemon to debut to gauge its strength in the current meta. This rings especially true since so much of the meta seems rather in the air, shifted drasftically by the Buddy Barrier and Score Shield nerfs.

In conclusion

With most new pokemon in Pokemon Unite, Espeon might cost 10,000 aoes coins. And since that’s a rather steep price, even after the amount of change that the Unite economy received, players might want to wait before purchasing the soon to be released attacker. There have been some rumors roaming the internet, stating that Espeon will be a free pokemon. The Pokemon Unite Espeon release date is on May 15, so keep an eye out on an article discussing the pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses around that time.

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