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The Curryshot Chronicles and Baby Tigers: OWL Week 15 Stonk Report

Now that Overwatch League Week 15 is over, there is time to account for what happened across the league. More specifically, it is time to look at the perceptions of players, teams and how the league has changed through the 2020 OWL Season. A lot changes with every new hero pool, so this is very subjective. Welcome to the OWL Stonk Market.

Stonks Up: Boston Uprising

Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

THEY DID IT! THEY WON ANOTHER MATCH! After a struggling past two months, the Uprising shocked the world and upset the LA Gladiators. Punk stepped in marvelously to replace Brussen after he retired this past week. He outplayed Space in the off tank matchups this past week, which is a rare feat. It was safe to say Custa was happy. Add to that Fusions putting together a 2019 Stage One flashback performance on main tank and it made for a wonderfully amusing upset to watch, especially considering comments by some LA Gladiators coach. If this is the only win they get in May Melee, it was an amazing one

Stonks Down: Seoul Dynasty

2020 Roster Size
Image Courtesy of @SeoulDynasty on Twitter

Is it time to give up on predicting Seoul? Will they ever look like the team they were predicted to be outside of double shield? Seoul has been nothing short of disappointing lately and even that may be an understatement. The team has looked best when running Orisa/Sigma compositions, but outside of that, they have looked dreadful. They have attempted to run Marve1 on DVa, Profit has looked lost at times, and the team looks bad at dive. Sure they added Slime, but how much will that really help?

Stonks Up: SF Shock

shock week 13
Image Courtesy of San Francisco Shock

How can a team that is already so good get much better? Well adding a top three flex support in the league helps. After securing the first seed in the May Melee the Shock went out and added the Twilight, formerly of the Vancouver Titans. The 2019 MVP Finalist will now either split time or takeover completely the flex support role from Viol2t. Add to that Rascal maybe being the best Echo in the league, the Shock are looking to not only win the May Melee, but go back to back as champions of the OWL.

Stonks Down: LA Sadia…..Sorry, LA Gladiators

Los Angeles Gladiators Stage 2 Playoffs
Courtesy of the Los Angeles Gladiators

The LA Gladiators lost 3-2 to the Boston Uprising allowing the Uprising to secure their second win of the season. The Gladiators looked lost and a mess in the game. Paintbrush started over Biggoose at main support, but when Biggoose came back in it didn’t make a difference. Space was getting outplayed by Punk often as well. It doesn’t help that certain assistant coaches have been very vocal and slanderous of various teams. Yes, that would be Curryshot who said “It doesn’ matter what off tank they picked up, we will win” and also said Philadelphia was not a top four team. Curryshot and the Gladiators aren’t doing themselves any favors. If performances like the past to weeks continue, Curryshot may be able to do birthday parties in clown makeup if he keeps feeding people ammo like he did this past week.

Futures: Washington Justice

Overwatch League Power Rankings
Image courtesy of DreamSeat

The Justice still lost this week, but they some potentially promising roster moves. After the retirements of Corey and Stratus, the Justice picked up former Vancouver Titans members Stitch and JJanu on 14-day contracts. While Stitch will fill the Corey role, the addition of  JJanu is more interesting. Ellivote is a very solid off tank, so replacing him seems odd. If everything goes well the Justice will likely go full Korean and move Ellivote in the offseason. Either way, this is a wait and see.

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