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Overwatch: The Best Overwatch Christmas Presents


As the snow settles and the winter winds whisps our faces, the smell of pine and hot chocolate fills the air. It’s December, and you know what that means: fireplaces crackling, mistletoe hung and Christmas trees galore. The gifts are all wrapped under the tree. However, there is something off. You stop and realize “Oh no, I forgot to buy Christmas presents this year!” What ever will you do? With Christmas fast approaching, there may still time to get some last minute shopping in. Here are some great gifts for all the Overwatch fans in your life!

Jerseys and More

Courtesy of Blizzard

On the Blizzard store right now, there are jerseys for $15, and authentic jerseys for $21.25. For any Overwatch fan, a jersey is the ultimate showing of pride for their team. With Blizzard’s huge sale on their website, jerseys are significantly marked down. Not only are jerseys on sale, all Overwatch League apparel is significantly cheaper than normal. Team jackets that normally cost $120 are on sale for only $30. Team shirts are as low as $7.

For the Overwatch fans who do not watch the Overwatch League, there are still plenty of options. From Amazon, there are backpackssocks and hats. From Blizzard, you can find plenty of options. For instance, they have a bomber jacket, as well as a multitude of hoodies and shirts.

Gaming Accessories

If you are looking for something more expensive and special, try looking into gaming accessories. All gamers need high quality accessories for their system of choice. For example, on PC, gamers need a mouse and keyboard. Here is an Overwatch mouse, as well as a Razer Overwatch keyboard. All gamers need a headset in order to hear the audio of the game more clearly and communicate with their teammates. This Razer Overwatch headset is sure to satisfy the needs of any Overwatch player. For the more casual gamer, a D.Va headset is a wonderful idea.

Pop Funko

Courtesy of Funko

Who doesn’t love collectibles? The Pop Funko figurines are a great gift for fans to keep as collectibles and put on display. Also, they aren’t very expensive, either! This Ana figurine, Mercy figurine and Roadhog figurine are all on Amazon right now, with Prime shipping options. These cute figurines will make any Overwatch fan happy.

Other collectible ideas include the loot box cookie jar, stuffed Pachimari or the Art of Overwatch bookCollectibles are a great gift to show that you know that the recipient of the gift likes Overwatch, and they are general enough that anyone from casual to hardcore fans will enjoy them.

Overwatch Content

Getting presents for Overwatch fans can be tricky, especially if you are worried about shipping this late in the game. However, one surefire way to get them something they want is to get them a gift card for ingame loot boxes. On any system, this gives them the power to either buy something else that they want, or allows them to open some loot boxes and get skins and items for their favorite characters. A $20 gift card will allow them to open 24 loot boxes in game! This is a great stocking stuffer for any Overwatch gamer.

One final gift idea would be to give someone the gift of Overwatch. The game can be found in various stores and online for around $30 at the moment. If you are looking to gift a game that will hook your friends and family for hours, as well as give you more teammates to play with, look no further than Overwatch.

Overwatch is currently hosting their Winter Wonderland event. Hurry, because it is set to expire by the end of 2018. The event boasts various new winter-themed skins for a variety of characters, as well as different emotes and poses. Along with this, a handful of maps have been changed to a winter theme, with snow and decorations galore. Try Mei’s Snowball Offensive or the Yeti Hunter game modes for a fun, festive time. There are only 11 days left in the competitive season, so make sure to climb as high as you can in ranked!

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