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Overwatch League: Patching Together the Perfect OWL Player

Perfect OWL Player

In the aftermath of Stage 1 of the Overwatch League, several players have stood out for strong characteristics they’ve exhibited for their teams. Some, like Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang or Yi “JinMu” Hu have exhibited incredible mechanical prowess, while others have shown to be more valuable for their communication, aggression or instinct.

If one player, in theory, could exhibit all of these qualities, they would be unstoppable and would be an asset any team would strive to have. Hoping to do a better job than the villain in the 2015 film, Patchwork, The Game Haus has knitted together several OWL players, who are the best in the league when it comes to a certain trait, in an attempt to create the perfect OWL player.

Shot Calling and Communication – Fusions

He’s only just come into the league, but the effects of Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth’s communication have already been seen in Boston. In the 2018 World Cup, Fusions led the UK to a similar series of strong matches, including a shocking victory over the United States. Especially metas like GOATS, teams need strong communication if they are going to succeed. There’s no one better right now than Fusions.

Instinct and Aggression – Sinatraa

Perfect OWL Player
Image Courtesy of Liquipedia

In his time with the Shock and with team USA, Jay “sinatraa” Won has become known for his aggressive and instinctive play, especially on Zarya. This has given Sinatraa trouble in the past, however, with smart support from teammates and a gameplan that supports his aggression, Sinatraa can thrive under pressure to make the quick decision. His play, along with the equally aggressive play of Matthew “super” DeLisi, has made the Shock one of the scariest teams in the entirety of the OWL.

Invulnerability to Meta Changes – TviQ

Although Kevyn “TviQ” Lindström has spent his entire OWL career on a less than successful OWL franchise, he has maintained his position on the team due to his incredibly vast hero pool. Whether hitscan or projectile, TviQ has proven he can play nearly any DPS hero at a very high level. This depth will continue to keep TviQ relevant and would be a necessary part of the perfect OWL player.

Game Sense and Intelligence – JAKE

Jacob “JAKE” Lyon and the Houston Outlaws are a team that prides themselves on high-IQ gameplay. While they have struggled to back up their strategies due to noted shortcomings in communication and some mechanical miscues, the team still manages to put together solid plans each map. JAKE is at the centerpiece of this planning. His game sense and intelligence have played a part in JAKE’s playtime this season and would be of great value in crafting a perfect player.

Mechanical Skill – JJoNak

Even in GOATS, JJoNak still manages to make standout plays due to his undoubtedly strong mechanical skill. This is a quality that can generally be accredited to any player in the OWL due to the amount of time spent playing the game. Despite this, JJoNak somehow manages to stand above the rest. There’s a reason he was last season’s OWL MVP, after all.

Leadership and Positivity – Mickie

Perfect OWL Player
Image Courtesy of Dexerto

Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangchod, winner of the Inaugural Season’s Dennis Hawelka Award, has been an overwhelming picture of positivity throughout his time in and around Overwatch. Even in as messy of a situation as Dallas was in back in Stage 1 of Season 1, Mickie still managed to lift up his teammates and do what he could to maintain high spirits. This impact can’t be ignored when looking at the Fuel’s turnaround last season and are likely at play in the current season, even despite Mickie’s decreased playtime.

Toughness and Grit – SeoMinSoo

Sources have recently confirmed that Min-soo “SeoMinSoo” Seo played the entirety of the Stage 1 Playoff Final with a broken thumb. SeoMinSoo is an integral part of Vancouver’s success and missing the final could have very easily tilted the pendulum in the Shock’s favor. Yet, despite that, he persevered and played an incredible series for the Titans en route to their winning the final. Any perfect player would have that same level of determination and toughness in order to play through the pain when a big play is on the line.


All that remains to be added is a sprinkle of Gael “Poko” Gouzerch’s shower-angst and a tinge of Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman’s trash talking. With all of this, the recipe is complete and the perfect OWL player has finally been created. While its final form may never be seen, parts of this concoction retake the Blizzard Arena stage on Thursday, April 4 at 6 pm CT as Stage 2 kicks back off. With a new live patch and some teams surging after the Stage 1 Playoffs, it’s sure to be an electric Stage 2.


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