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Florida Mayhem Designer Creates Stunning Concept Art for a Future Chicago OWL Team

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Florida Mayhem Graphic Designer Anthony “Antwn” Salzarulo is one of the hardest working designers in the league, constantly giving his followers on Twitter an insight into the creative process. His work typically is centered around his team, the Florida Mayhem, or promoting the Contenders scene. This time, however, Antwn tried something new. This time, he may have just outdone himself.

Looking at one of the regions in the US that most desperately needs a team, Antwn put together the concept art for an OWL team in Chicago. A lot of work on stream culminated into the  creation of, theorized future OWL franchise, the “Chicago Eclipse.”

The Process

As mentioned earlier, Antwn is known for including his followers and Twitch viewers in the creative process. As the designs for the Eclipse. To see the process that went into deciding the city, and the basics for the team including the logo and the colors, check out this video.

The colors, at a basic level, came from the Chicago state flag, which features the same blue and white that the final designs are centered around. The name “Eclipse” came from one of Antwn’s viewers on stream at first, but really came to fruition in the following clip, linking the name to the historic Chicago fire.

A Community Effort

Since the initial release of the concept art, which spread like wildfire across the OW community on Twitter, other members of the community have stepped up to contribute. @scaryVFX, for example, made the following jersey designs for the Eclipse as a part of his work towards making conceptual jerseys for the 20 current OWL teams.

More on the Horizon

Antwn called this design the first, “in a series” which indicates that there could be more team designs coming shortly. To follow the process and see more into the creative process of one of the league’s top designers, follow Antwn on Twitter and Twitch. While the Mayhem won’t be in this season’s playoffs, expect Antwn to stay busy throughout the offseason, both in his content for the Mayhem and more.


[Update: While Antwn hasn’t yet released any more team designs, he has continued to update and give depth to his design of the Chicago Eclipse, including jerseys and much more. Those can all be seen in the tweets linked below.]




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