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Ranking The Top 10 MLB Free Agents

Coming Off A Strange Season

COVID-19 caught everyone off guard and sports weren’t the same anymore. The MLB, along with other sports, held games in empty stadiums and some required masks. With the MLB players, a lot of players struggled because of limitations with their necessities. Next season, they are expected to play a full season. Not only is the excitement for the full season, but to see where some of the best players sign. Here, are the top 10 MLB free agents.

1. Trevor Bauer (30, Reds, RHP): The 2020 NL Cy Young. Bauer went from a middle of the rotation guy to one of the best pitchers in the game. This year, he led the NL in ERA (1.73), H/9 (5.1), and ERA+ (276).

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2. George Springer (31, Astros, OF): He was able to bounce back late after a rough start to an already very short season. Springer finished batting .265 with 14 home runs and 32 RBIs. He also proved himself in the playoffs by being a very important bat in the Astros lineup.

3. J.T. Realmuto (30, Phillies, C): This is a guy who’s agile, decent speed, a leader, and has a consistent bat. A lot of teams are interested in him, and was an important player for the Nationals this year.

4. DJ LeMahieu (31, Yankees, 2B): Even though it was a short season, he batted .364 and won the AL batting title. The first player in the modern era to do so in both leagues. A tall infielder who’s slick and can hit is someone teams want so he will get his money.

5. Marcell Ozuna (30, Braves, OF): He had a season to remember. Batting.338 with 18 home runs and 56 RBIs, he helped the Braves to the NLCS. Given his defensive ability, teams could use him as the universal DH is approaching.

6. Justin Turner (36, Dodgers, 3B): Even though he was out of line with his decisions after testing positive, Turner is a leader in the clubhouse and has proved himself over the years. Turner had a decent season and was able to show everyone that he can still dominate.

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7. Marcus Stroman (29, Mets, SP): Even though he wasn’t able to play this season, Stroman has proved himself in baseball and he’s at a good age with a lot left to show. He ended up accepting his qualifying offer with the Mets.

8. Michael Brantley (33, Astros, OF): Dr. Smooth is an excellent hitter who has a high contact rate with very minimal strikeouts. Given he has a history with injuries and his age, I believe teams will still value him because of the type of player he is.

9. Liam Hendriks (32, Athletics, RHP): This is a reliever that has a combined 1.79 ERA in the last 2 years with the A’s. A lot of teams are looking to improve their bullpen and this one of the best in the game.

10. Nelson Cruz (40, Twins, DH): The Boomstick has made his presence known for a long time now. With the universal DH coming into place, this will only make him more appealing.


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