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First Look at Legends of Runeterra’s Open Beta Patch Notes

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Legends of Runeterra, League of Legends newest card game, is nearing ever closer to its January 24 Open Beta. The game makes one firm step closer today with the announcement of its open beta patch notes. These will be the first set of patch notes that are playable on the open beta and are quite extensive, including the introduction of ranked, many card updates and friends lists.

Because of that, what is below are the most important snapshots of the upcoming patch notes. The full notes can be accessed from the official announcement page.

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Ranked is Here

Legends of Runeterra will now have a ranked mode that players will be able to participate in throughout the Beta Season. This will last up until launch, where it will likely be reset. At the season’s end, players will earn an icon based on their highest tier reached during the season. As the game ages, this will no doubt be a cool token to commemorate being with the game since its origin.

legends of runeterra beta
Image Courtesy of Legends of Runeterra

Friends List and Friendly Challenges

To help promote the friendly, competitive nature of the game, LoR has added a friends list, chat and the ability to challenge friends. Players will be able to be friends with players from all regions but, at least for the time being, will only be able to challenge players within their region. The dev team is also working on the following bugs, which they hope to iron out soon:

  • Players may see delays when adding or removing names from the block list.
  • Players won’t receive unread notifications for messages received while offline.
  • New message notifications aren’t correctly dismissed at first for active conversations, but will be after a short delay.
  • The client may occasionally become unresponsive when receiving or accepting a challenge invite while performing other in-client actions (opening rewards, entering Expeditions, etc.). Relog to fix.

New Boards and Guardians

Players will now be able to personalize their LoR experience through different game boards and guardians. These will be manageable in the “Collections” tab. Below are the new region-inspired boards and the new guardian’s names:

Region-inspired boards

  • Hall of Valor
  • Reckoners Arena
  • Iceborn Peak
  • Clifftop Monastery
  • Hextech Lab
  • Cursed Ruins


  • T-Hex
  • Gromp Jr.
  • Scaled Snapper

That’s Not All…

As it was stated at the beginning of this article, there are a litany of total changes coming to Legends of Runeterra. There are more UI changes, card updates and a large number of bugfixes that will all be released for the open beta. As more news comes concerning the game’s official launch or release to mobile, The Game Haus will continue to provide updates.

Best of luck working through all of the changes and enjoy the Beta Season!


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