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100 Thieves League of Legends

3 Takeaways from 100 Thieves LCS Week 6

With week six of the LCS completed, North America’s top six teams that will battle in the Mid-Season Showdown bracket include Team Liquid, Cloud 9, TSM, Dignitas, Evil Genuises, and 100 Thieves. Although 100 Thieves’ decline in performance, they played well this weekend and secured their spot winning against Immortals and FlyQuest but losing to the infamous Team Liquid.

Outside Lanes Prove Powerful

At the beginning of the LCS tournament, 100 Thieves started off strong relying on outside lanes to engage, gank, and control the game. As 100 Thieves declined in their performance so did this strategy change. This weekend they went back to their roots and focused on their top and bottom lanes. No matter how good someone is at the game, they are bound to get hit with something and that is why it is so important to have the outside lanes set up correctly. To prove this it was Huhi who found the perfect engage on Immortals’ Raes that won them the game.

By relying on their outside lanes, it allows them to take the enemy team by surprise with ganks. It also creates more control over cc and aggressive engagements from the enemy team, preparing them for the worst. Because 100 Thieves uses this strategy often, and used it when they were doing their best at the beginning of the tournament, they will be more confident in their upcoming games if they stick to their old strategies.


Create Space for FBI

Outside lanes for 100 Thieves is a key part to their strategy in winning games, and that is where FBI flaunts his talent. FBI is the meat and bones of 100 Thieves, and arguably one of the best players in the North America league now. If 100 Thieves wants even a chance at winning against Cloud 9 this upcoming weekend, they need to play off of FBI and make space for him to lead the team to victory. FBI has 92 kills which is the second-highest kills in the tournament so far, right after Neo, proving to be a contender not to be messed with. As seen from this past weekend, if 100 Thieves leaves space for FBI to control the map and pressure bot and other lanes, they will have a chance at victory.


New Midlaner = Fresh Start

Although Ryoma has gotten some criticism in the past, with Damonte being replaced by Ryoma, this could mean a fresh start for 100 Thieves, boosting their confidence for this upcoming weekend. Starting off strong and then ultimately losing their momentum throughout this Split, the player switch could be really good for their team composition as well as their confidence.

This past weekend, Ryoma played well. He was steady and finished with an overall KDA of 5.3 right behind Team Liquid’s Santorin.

Since the new meta change from a couple of weeks back, 100 Thieves has lost their momentum. If they go back to their roots and focus on their outside lanes, specifically relying on FBI to control lanes, they will have a chance at winning this upcoming weekend. Fans hope to see 100 Thieves step up to the challenge.

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