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Titanic Lackey, Warrior Weapon and Warlock Spell Revealed

Titanic Lackey

In the Year of the Dragon, we will be getting new Lackeys with every set. Saviors of Uldum’s Lackey has finally been revealed in the form of Titanic Lackey. This card will be one of the options off of the new Warrior Weapon, Livewire Lance. Lastly we get a look at the new Warlock removal Spell, Plague of Flames.

Titanic Lackey

Titanic Lackey

The Lackeys have a new goon to add to the bunch. Titanic Lackey is the name, and his Battlecry gives a minion plus two health and Taunt. This raises the pool to six Lackeys, and lowers the consistency of what you get.

Titanic Lackey isn’t exactly great for the Rogues and Warlocks that want to utilize Lackeys for Tempo. At the same time, it’s good for controlling the board against other aggressive decks. All things considered, it is still likely the worst Lackey in the meta decks that would like to see them.

Though for Shamans and Warriors, this minion isn’t so bad. Warriors don’t really have an aggressive archetype using Lackeys, as Improve Morale is usually used to be combined with cards like Execute. Shamans like to run Lackey generators for value out of Shudderwock, and don’t necessarily need aggression.

Livewire Lance

Titanic LackeyWarrior’s new weapon is Livewire Lance. It is a three mana weapon with two attack and two durability that when you attack, you get a Lackey in your hand. This adds an additional four Lackeys to what Warrior can generate in a single game, and even more if you’d like to run Upgrade.

Warriors don’t exactly include Lackeys in any of their game plans since they don’t play for tempo like Rogues and Warlocks. However, Titanic Lackey can help with the Taunt archetype, giving a little extra effective health to the player.

Overall, Warrior hasn’t received enough tools for a tempo oriented deck. Also, Blizzard has really avoided printing any type of powerful weapons, as they mostly have stats worse than the mana cost. Ever since the nerf to Fiery War Axe, two mana 3/2 weapons have been left in the past.

Plague of Flames

Titanic Lackey

Warlock’s Plague has now been revealed. Plague of Flames is a new Spell that for one mana, will destroy all of your minions and destroy a random enemy minion for each friendly one destroyed. That’s seems like really cheap spell mana wise to be able to destroy minions.

The biggest problem with this card is finding a deck to put it into. Zoolock has trouble killing big minions with Taunt and the like, but really wants to keep its minions on board, not destroy them. Combined with Leeroy, it could be a cheap end game finisher. Overall, running silence is likely going to be more effective though.

The great possible combination with this card would be pairing it with Rafaam’s Scheme. A control deck could run these two cards for a four mana board clear because of the stacking effect on the Scheme. That would also allow you to develop on your side of the board in the same turn. The problem is now finding more control support for Warlocks. As for right now, slow Warlocks lack a form of strong end game to beat other slow decks.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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